Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Is It Over?

Cashmere: Are the boom boom boomers done? Is it over?

Cashmere: I'm not coming out from UTB* until I have assurances that peace will reign once again. That stuff was way too loud!

Poor Cashmere, I'd like to assure you that it's over. And it should be since it's the 5th now. But knowing our neighbors.. it wont be over until sometime in August! Sorry girl. Although if past years are anything to go by, there wont be as many every night from now on. Last night was the big one (I hope)

*UTB = Under The Bed



Sorry for the false hopes that the books would be on the auction yesterday! I was trying to hint that they'd be up later in the week.
It's taking me longer than expected to get them photographed and written up as auction item posts! A wonderful, generous, friend of Chrystal's and Winnie's Wishes' sent me three boxes of books to put in the auction! This on top of the three giant boxes of other items, of which only one box has been added to the auction so far! Give me a few days and I'll have lots more up!

In the meantime, there's lots of items for your bidding pleasure up now! Don't forget to click the 'older posts' button on the bottom because there are three pages of items so far!

Also, please check your mail if you've bid on something that ended now, check your spam folder too if you haven't heard from me!

Thank you!


Katie Isabella said...

I was nervous too and mommy had to call and call to get me to come to bed. xoxox

Katie Isabella said...

Oh and tell Leo there IS room for us both.

Caren Gittleman said...

Yeah it is the same here with the boomers. We turned the TV up super, super loud. It helped quite a bit. Cody really doesn't have a problem with the noise of fireworks, but Dakota does! catchatwithcarenandcody

Brian said...

I hope yours is over. Ours will go on probably through the weekend, yikes!

D Ma said...

wasn't too bad around our house. diego-san went scampering with one particularly loud boom but other than that the boyz seemed ok...

Summer said...

Poor you! We are fortunate that we are in a neighborhood where a) fireworks are severely illegal, and b) people actually pay some sort of attention to the law since we live in a tinder dry fire zone! So most of the noise was from the city displays, and some far off in other neighborhoods - all easily covered up by the air conditioner. Even Boodie was hanging out.

Photo Cache said...

We normally don't get the boomies from our house, but yesterday there was one boomie. Poor sweetheart.

Emma and Buster

Laila and Minchie said...

Thank cod for UTB! Even as we type they are shooting them off again!

Mr Puddy said...

Cashmere, Stuck in there ! Make sure it's all OVER !
me do paw crossed for you

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Katie Kat said...

It werent over fur us yesfurday... Hope all booming goned today onda 6th fur you Cashmere.
-Katie Kat.