Thursday, June 30, 2016

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

So Glitter's daddy needed sleep but couldn't leave the balloon where Glitter might be able to grab at it and chew on the ribbon when there was no one watching her. He did the right thing, he cut off the ribbon and left the balloon to stick to the ceiling away from her perch and went to bed.

Did Glitter lose interest?

Do you know cats??

Then you KNOW she did NOT lose interest!

All night, up the cat tree, meow, up the Celestial Skyway, meow, to the top of the cabinet, meow, and repeat..
I have never been so happy to have a giant cat with a teeny tiny itsy bits sweet little voice!

Now, the next day, after work, what do you think Glitter's, wrapped-around-her-paws-daddy did? Yeah, you know..

Glitter: Yay! Thank you daddy, for bringing it close! Mommy's too short to reach anything up here..
Oh, one thing you might notice about some of the following pictures.. something I did not notice until I downloaded the pictures to the laptop. Remember I said that Glitter and Leo went to the groomers the day the balloon showed up? They had some mats that needed to be trimmed out as well as sanitary trims and Glitter's ruff shortening. I blew up the pictures and it was very apparent where Glitter had had some mats removed.. it looks like she shaved a certain part of her body for beach season. Mancats, try not to stare!

Darn it, I still can't reach the part of the balloon that has the ribbon.. hey, where's the ribbon?

Wait a second.. I think I see a tiny little bit of ribbon left up there! Boy, some peoples cut some things way too short. Um, anyone feel a breeze?

Oh daddy! I accidentally batted Mr. B'loon too far away and he's out of my reach again... A little help please?

Does Daddy help? Oh please!

I got it! I got the itty bitty ribbon! Yay me!

Don't you be trying to get away again! You know daddy will just bring you back.. Now let me give you a good ol' chomp.

Ok, Mr. B'loon, let me take you up to my secret lair.. There's no way you can get away from me up there!

Now you're all mine! I can nibble and lick the stub of a ribbon to my heart's content.. And to anyone who thought I wouldn't get my way, THHHHPPPP hee hee!

That's the saga of Mr. B'loon! Except a few short videos. If I can get them loaded, they'll be your Friday films!


Also on Friday, I'll be adding some more items to the Winnie's Wish Insta-Auction!

Several of the auctions ended already, I will be contacting the winning bidders soon! Thank you for your support! The kitties of Winnie's Wish thank you too!
Please, if you can, share the link to the Auction Page!


Eastside Cats said...

So adorable: Glitter and Mr. B'loon! Usually, the daddy doesn't assist so much with a romance like that, but anything for his little girl.

Katie Isabella said...

Glitter, you have made mommy's and my DAY! Seriously!

Summer said...

OMC, they gave Glitter a BRAZILIAN!

sandy l said...

Oh Glitter, you've got dad wrapped around your furry paw!!

The Swiss Cats said...

Adorable ! Your daddy would do anything for his little girl, wouldn't he, Glitter ? Purrs

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Who knew a balloon was so much fun? Cute photos.

Nellie Kowalik said...

What a fun balloon! And a bikini looks awfully cute!