Thursday, June 23, 2016

Carry On My Wayward Son

Leo and Glitter had to go to the groomer yesterday and in preparation we decided to get a new carrier. We have two, but that's not enough for a three cat house. One of the ones we have is a soft one and it's actually kind of small for my giant cats. Anyway, I figure if we ever had to take all three somewhere we need another carrier.

When Greg brought the new carrier in, he opened it up and put it on the floor so the kitties could see it and maybe even think it was not a horrible thing. Good luck, right? Especially after one trip!

I totally missed getting pictures of Glitter sitting up in it looking out at the world like she thought this was a new kitty cave for the cat tree! But I did get some pictures of Leo checking it out. Part of him anyway..

Leo: Well what have we here? It sorta looks like that horrible PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) but it doesn't smell like hate and mistakes..

Leo: It's roomy-oomy-oomy-oomy.. Hey, there's an echo in here-ere-ere!

He got out pretty quickly after that. Then Glitter had another sniff.

Leo: I don't think it's the same as that other one but I don't think I'm gonna get any closer than this from now on.
Glitter: I like the color.. You're right, I don't think it's one of those things either. Why would they leave it out here if it was?
Leo: Still not chancing it..

If you think it was easy to load him up the next morning, you'd be WRONG! Yeah, he was not fooled! Glitter wasn't that hard to get in, but she tried to play dumb when Greg wanted to load her in, staying way back on the tallest shelf of the cat tree, all "What's that? no thanks, I don't need a pet right now. I'm all comfy up here.. la la la.." Had to break out the treats to get her down.. sucker!
Leo sung the song of his people the whole way. And like I said, good thing it's only sort of across the road!



Random Felines said...

mom says we don't have enough of those here either....we think things are fine as they are :)

Mr Puddy said...

I love the colour " Pink ! "
Mine is da soft carrier so my human can load me from the top or on the side door. No chance for escaping ... BLAR

PS : From now on.. Please visit me @ My new blog address : 

Thank you

Eastside Cats said...

Cute carrier! I'm thinking about purchasing one of those cat bags, but I don't know anyone who has one.

Photo Cache said...

We could use a bigger PTU ourselves. Mom is waiting for a sale.

Emma and Buster

Cathy Keisha said...

If'n I liked those things, that's a pretty color. It doesn't fool me though. It's evil.

Summer said...

Ha! We kitties aren't dumb - we ALWAYS know when something's up.

Katie Isabella said...

OH it is SO hard to get them in. Katie's mom here. Admiral used to be the total worlds absolute worst EVEAH!!!!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Cats are funny, they know when they shouldn't be in a carrier.