Monday, April 4, 2016

One Good Day

These pictures were taken a little while back. It's not the same day as the last post I did with the kitties in the door, that day it was only open for a few minutes. This day was very nice and the door was open for quite a while.

But Spring has fooled us and we have not had a nice day since. In fact, we had SNOW on Saturday! Seriously, Spring? Snow?? We want more open doors and windows, not more furnace and blanket time!

We want more days like this one:

I love that all three of them were in the door together this time, no one standing back! This is Leo on the left, Cashmere in the center and Glitter on the right.
Leo: Spy anything good yet?
Cashmere: No, but the air is wonderful!
Glitter: What are we looking for anyway?

Leo: Squirrels or birds. Anything that moves!
Cashmere: The trees are moving in the breeze..
Glitter: Toys move when I whack them. Maybe I'll go play while you look.

Don't worry guys, Mr. Ornery Squirrel always shows up eventually! He loves to walk right past the door and drive you all crazy because he knows you can't get him! He's got guts, that one!


Photo Cache said...

What a sweet image they make.

Emma and Buster

Summer said...

It looks like they are having a great time at the door - I hope the weather gets nice again soon!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Very cute photo of them enjoying the outdoor view.

The Indulged Furries said...

The picture of the three of them enjoying the view together will always be heart-warming.