Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Scratchy Christmas

Today is the fifth day of Christmas, and since I didn't share this last week when I intended to, I'm putting it here. I know a lot of you have seen it, but I think it's cute!

The reason it's a Scratchy Christmas is because my kitties got their new scratcher opened on Christmas day. And let me tell you, it was an instant hit! And the moment they got it is when the batteries decided to die in the camera.. So these pictures are crappy cell phone pictures, but I think you get the idea that the kitties were kinda happy.

First up was Leo, which surprised me a little actually!

Leo: Double wide? Are you trying to say something, mom?
Me: No Leo, some manufacturers have a weird idea of what single and double are. You're a big boy, but you're also all floof.
Leo: Thank you, mommy. Ok, I claim this as mine then!

(Cashmere in the food dish, Glitter's back in the foreground)
Glitter: Yes yes, you're a long lean tube of a cat. But I object to your claim-age of the scratcher!
Cashmere: *munchmunch* Yeah, we didn't even get *munchmunch* a turn yet!
Leo: Too bad, so sad, I got here first!
Glitter: I just might have to tell a certain tuxie girl that SOMEcat is a selfish double wide mean ol' goober of a boycat..
Cashere: Now that's a good plan! *chompmunch*

(Considering how closely Glitter was watching things, I was equally surprised that Cashmere was second!)
Cashmere: Oh yeah! It has good nip on it!
Glitter: No wonder ol' nip-head wanted to claim it.
Cashmere: Who you callin' 'nip-head'!?
Glitter: Um, I was calling Leo a niphead.. but if the snort fits..
Cashmere: Oh, that's better then, everyone knows that Leo has a nip probl... hey!

Cashmere: Oh boy, oh yeah, this is so yummy.. I can't resist rubbing my head alllllll over it..
Glitter: Yeah, 'Leo' is the one with a nip problem..
Cashmere: Oh rolla rolla rolla roll around, nothin' better than that scratchy sound..
Glitter: I'm never gonna get a turn at this rate!
Cashmere: Oh hush.. I'm just putting my seal of approval on it.. purrrrrrrrrrrrr

(Finally, Glitter got a turn!)
Glitter: *snifffff* Oh yeah.. this is good nip! smells like mommy's secret 'for toys' stash!
Me: Yeah well, we were ripped off, there was no nip packet with that as advertised.
Glitter: Aww, what a shame, no cheap comes-with-the-scratcher nip for us! Hee hee, weeeeeee
Me: *whisper* Yeah, Leo and Cashmere have the nip problems..

Glitter: This should be mine, right? Because the other one, that I LOVE, got torn to bits. Right? And I was falsely accused of the deed, right? So.. Mine!
Me: I wouldn't say exactly 'falsely' accused.. More like ALL the blame wasn't yours.
Glitter: Close enough! Mine mine mine! Hee hee!
Leo: (from a distance) No fair! My claim stands! Besides, there's no proof!
Glitter: Roll that beautiful destructive footage!
Leo: (from a distance) Uh... footage? *gulp*
Me: Oh, sorry. Not today, out of space! Guess you'll have to settle for a three way claim!

I have been meaning to share THOSE pictures.. Perhaps this week!


Robin said...

So funny! A scratcher is a wonderful gift to receive. I hope that every kitty go their turn. We have a scratcher hog here too. I love your 12 days of Catmess!

Random Felines said...

5 shiny things!!! MOL

that scratcher is going to get lots of use

Peaches and Paprika said...

We can sure relate to your love of "nip!" Looks like no one was completely innocent!

Summer said...

There would be a battle for that scratcher if it were here!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

That's a great looking scratcher! Mudpie likes to lie flat on them too :)

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Cute song and that is a nice scratcher :)

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

11 leaping lizards? 7 salmon swimming? We gotta visit you!!!

The Swiss Cats said...

What a lovely poem ! Your scratcher is a wonderful gift .Purrs