Thursday, November 12, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

Oh this one made me giggle! An oldie, and a goodie. Of course realizing how long it's been since we started the remodel of the living room and how the window are still not done kind of burns my buns.. but the kitties, oh my kitties!
I hope you enjoy remembering Star as her ornery little self, because I sure do!

It's called Paw Pads and it's from November 10, 2011

You know how soft and sweet indoor kitty toe pads are? How they look like little jelly beans? Don’t you just want to kiss them? (As long as they aren’t just out of the litter box anyway..) I love kitty paw pads, they’re just too adorable.

If you’ve been following long, you might know that we’re in the middle of a painfully long, oh, I guess we can call it remodel, more like a fix up, but whatever. Anyway, we’ve been without carpet in the livingroom for several weeks now.

This has had an unexpected effect on sweet soft kitty paw pads! They’re little feet are getting all rough and dusty looking. I noticed it today when Leo was trying to get comfortable on my neck and kicked me in the face. Now, he’s not real crazy about having his paws played with. The back ones especially. I can play with his extra toed front feet if he’s in a good mood. With the back feet I have to wait until he’s asleep to tease them.

Not that he’s mean about it. I mean when you do something Star doesn’t like, she’ll bite or slash and you KNOW you’ve done something wrong. Leo on the other hand, when he gets fussy about something, he grabs with the front paws and pushing with the back ones. Not bunny kicking, because he’s not kicking really, he’s just shoving.

Either that or he does his other thing. He opens his mouth and lunges! ...And smacks your hand with his teeth. No bites, just kinda beats you with his face. Yes, my boy is odd..

Anyway, back to their paw pads. After Leo finished kicking me in the chin, turning around and sneezing tuna breath in my face then deciding that I must be irritating him, he took off. So I tracked down Star and checked her paw pads. Yup, they’re rough too. Of course, checking hers got me more than a kick and a sneeze. I’ve got the red marks to prove it!

Boy do I hope the carpet comes in soon so they can soften back up! If I’m gonna get punished for teasing toes, I’d like them to be softy toes!

What is this flavor...

Ah, I remember. Mommy Skin..

Great, now I have to do a deeper clean.
And these pads are rough on my tongue!

Cement dust..

Paw pads as rough as a dogs....

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Eastside Cats said...

Don't burn your buns; remodeling takes a long time! I've learned, that I cannot say anything...I convince my brother to talk to The Hubby, and voila! Stuff gets done! hehehehe

Austin Towers said...

My paw pads are outdoor kitty paw pads, but the human still likes to kiss them!!! BleahhhhH!!! What's with them? MOL

Summer said...

I go outside sometimes, but not for long, so my paw pads are still soft and kissable (although MY human does not kiss them!).

modern nomad said...

Well I have indoor paw pads cause I'm to delicate to be outdoors...
I'm a spoiled pampered kitty!

Noodle (and crew)

Robin said...

Kitty paw pads are irresistible! I'm sorry to hear that the carpet remodeling process was so tough on your cats' feet. That couldn't be comfortable at all. Hopefully, everything got back to normal after the new carpet was put in. Adorable photos!

Katie Isabella said...

I still miss Star. And pawpads are about my favorite things to love on. WHEN Katie lets me.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

When TBT is tickling my tummy or any thing else I dont love so much, I grab his hand with my front paws and lick it like crazy. ~ MARLEY