Monday, November 16, 2015

Not Me!

Ok, before we get to the pictures, first you have to ignore the fact that the vacuum has not been upstairs in who knows how long..

I'm only using these because of how cute Cashmere is, laying there upside down with her feet on the wall.

What's that? No, I did not drag out and chew up your Bacon Chili recipe, mom!

And FYI, it doesn't taste like either bacon or chili!
For the record, dear Cashmere, you were seen doing the deed. Next time, check for witnesses!


Oh boy! We have over 125 items on the auction for Winnie's Wish now! And I hope to have the last of them up by tonight!
There are so many wonderful things! Don't forget to use the 'older posts' buttons, there are three pages of items! Every bid helps the kitties of Winnie's Wish, keeps them in heat and air, pays for meds and vaccines, buys litter and food and other essentials, and spays and neuters the newest kitties!
Won't you help, not only by bidding, but also by sharing the auction link everywhere you can!
Thank you!

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Summer said...

It must have been the bacon that got your attention, Cashmere!

Random Felines said...

bacon??? mmmmmm

we sure hope the auction is doing well

Eastside Cats said...

Love the photos, Cashmere! Patty O'Malley puts his back feets on me, just like you've done to the wall.

Austin Towers said...

Cashmere, you look very cute, but your guilt re the recipe is beyond question! MOL

The Island Cats said...

Maybe you want your mom to make you some bacon chili, Cashmere!

Fur Everywhere said...

MOL! Cashmere, next time you gotta make sure the human doesn't catch you. :)
There are tons of great things on the auction! I wish I could bid on so many of them, but money is so tight with Carmine's vet bills as of late. I bid on a book that looks good, though.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

At least whoever did it didn't ruin the word part :)

Photo Cache said...

Bacon doesn't appear in our kitchen often so we don't even have any idea how bacon smells or tastes like, or even if we had a taste. But we'll ask the humans to pick some up from the grocery store.

Emma and Buster

Deziz World said...

Dat's pawsum. Hope yous get all da money yous need. And weez sure Sammy wuld be innerested in da bacon recipe. MOL

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

William said...

Cashmere, I would have bitten on that recipe too!

Savannah's Paw Tracks said...

Cashmere is one floofy pretty lady cat for sure. Hope the auction goes really well