Friday, November 20, 2015

Focused on Fluffy Friday

Greg took a picture of fluffy Leo on his phone. Granted, his phone takes much better pictures than mine does, but still not great. No flash for one. But his phone has a 'fix this picture' thingie. So he used it. Then he sent me the original and the 'fixed' one. Then, just to see how it compared, I used the program on my computer to fix it myself the way I usually fix dark pictures. After looking at all of them I decided to post them all in kind of a photo fun kind of post.

This is the original

 This is how Greg's phone 'fixed' it

This is how I fixed it.

I think it's pretty clear what all this proves, don't you?

It proves that Leo is one big handsome fluffalicious boy! Am I right?!


Today and Tomorrow are the last TWO days of the auction!

There are still a few items that don't have any bids. There are a few starting bid reductions.

Chrystal, who is having a very busy busy schedule at the moment (good timing huh?) sent me a quick note and aside from some other things she said, she mentioned that she was surprised that the family tree frame on the auction hadn't gone yet. She said her girls have frames like that for their kitties. I thought, what a great idea! And made a quick adjustment to the picture to show what you could do with it should you decide to bid!

Like I said, VERY FAST work, lol, but I have my three, plus Angel Star, plus my cousins cats and my mom's cat! Family! (Item #11 if you're interested!)

Have you seen item #30? Its an art print and it's gorgeous! I'm shocked it hasn't had any bids. We talked about it and reduced the opening bid. I hope someone falls in love with it and has to have it because they could just picture themselves sitting there in that heavenly gazebo, inhaling the wisteria and watching the swans.. Heaven, no?

I hope you'll take time and look over some of the awesome collectors items, books, toys, art, figurines and basically awesome stuff and decide to bid! Just two days left remember!
Thank you!


The Island Cats said...

Leo! What a big pile of floof you are!

Random Felines said...

that's a lot of floof....heading over to check out the auction

Summer said...

Your fix is the best too - but yeah, it mainly proves how handsome and fluffy Leo is!

Eastside Cats said...

How are you able to keep your hands off that super fluffy Leo belleh? I know that I could NOT!

The Swiss Cats said...

Right ! What a lot of floof ! Purrs

Katie Isabella said...

How about one with LEO in all the pictures?

Mr Puddy said...

Awwww My mom really want to give you a big cuddle, Leo
You are a cutie floof !

Have a great nap, my friend

PS : We like your mom version ! it looks soft & natural !

Kitties Blue said...

Leo totally looks in this photo as if he and our Giulietta are siblings. We think the original phone photo was the best. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo