Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

This is the post from September 3, 2011. A few months into our blogging. It made me chuckle then, and it does now. Silly kitties..

This is before Glitter and Cashmere joined us, of course, and before Star crossed the rainbow bridge.


Bird Day?

No no no, we have been talking about birthdays, not bird days! What happened, did I miss the memo that said all birds must go nuts today? Or did it say they must drive cats nuts today? That must be it.

This morning, after sticking a claw in my foot to let me know he was there, Leo went bird crazy. This particular bird has long been driving me crazy.. We have an air conditioner in a window in the bedroom and it is a favored place for mourning doves (or something in the pigeon family, we just call them mourning doves) to sit.

Of course, they don’t just sit.. They coo. Loudly. And, I swear this is true, the air conditioner amplifies their coos a hundred fold. So there you’ll be, sleeping peacefully, all content and snug only to be jarred awake rudely by a deafening, amplified COO!

This bellowing nemesis of mine caught Leo’s attention. You cannot see the bird through the air conditioner, but that didn’t stop Leo from trying to get at it anyway. Unfortunately the only way to there is to cross a dresser covered with precariously balanced books and papers and assorted other things that really should be somewhere else.

Leo has tried to take this trek previously and something invariably falls to the ground. Catching his attention, so he follows it, then he hears the bird again, so it all starts all over again. Between Leo and the dove, I about went crazy.

And then... Star, who’d been napping on the jewelry chest, heard a bird land on the screen. How or why they do that, I’ll never know, but these little house sparrows are always jumping on the screens, their little claws or talons making a scraping sound as they hit the glass behind it. Makes my teeth rattle...

Star got all excited and pawed at the curtain trying to claw it open. In the interest of saving the curtain, I got up and nudged it open for her. She would hunker down and wait, then slap at the window when a bird would land. Her claws, which badly need to be trimmed, scratched over the glass.

So here was my morning:

Crash!(something falls off the dresser)
Thud! (Leo follows)
Bump-screeeeech! (Star attacks the window birds)
Coo-OOO-coooo (stupid dove)
fwump (Leo jumps on the bed, he’s getting better at jumping!)
And repeat and repeat and repeat..

Sigh, I love my kitties..

Whew, that was a work out, I need a nap after that!
Can't you keep it down, mom?

Driving you crazy is the one thing the infidel and I have in common.
You wouldn't want to take that way from us, would you?
Wow, that flash totally wiped out Star's eyes and made her look all kinds of evil, didn't it? I still have flash issues, but with a slightly better camera anyway, lol!


Eastside Cats said...

They say living with a cat reduces one's blood pressure! Er, um...not that time! Cool flashback!

Summer said...

Sounds like fun to me! ;-)

Flynn said...

That was a fun flashback!

Brian said...

Oh yea, that is quite giggle-worthy!

Katie Isabella said...

You totally made my DAY! And yes Leo. I could use a good mancatly cuddle!

The Island Cats said...

That made us MOL!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I love the floofy tail :)

Jodi Bennett said...

That is interesting; annoying, but interesting. I guess the AC’s case amplifies the cooing sound of the birds, much to Leo’s delight and your frustration. Anyway, I hope you found a way to get those birds out of there, so that you can sleep peacefully with the AC on. Good day!

Jodi Bennett @ Marsh Heating