Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Opt to Adopt Blog Hop, Snowflake

Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes yesterday! I got lots and lots of cuddle time with my Leo! Snuggles from Cashmere and some good pets and belly rubs with Glitter! That's a good day in my book!


It's Opt to Adopt day!

Would you like a gorgeous Snowflake in July?? I guarantee you'll want to keep this one around all year! She's a sweetheart who loves to talk and really really needs a home of her very own! Won't you find room for a sweet Snowflake in your home? If you can't, then won't you share her just in case her forever family is someone you know? And ask your friends to share her too, because it could be one of their friends! Lets get this pretty girl in front of a whole bunch of people so she can finally have a home of her very own!

Find out more about Snowflake HERE

Contact Chrystal to adopt! (c3k@lazernetwireless.net)
Remember, kitties can be transported across the country and even into Canada!


If you haven't already checked out the Surf & Turf FUNdraiser, please take a minute to go to the FUNdraiser page! You wont regret it! Cool toys in exchange for donations to Winnie's Wish! Makes your kitties happy, makes the Winnie's Wish kitties happy! Win Win!


Sample set, colors and patterns will vary


Sue Kottwitz said...

Belated birthday wishes! Sounds like you had a good one. Shared Snowflake.

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

You spent your birthday cuddling? EXCELLENT. One of the BEST ways to spend a birthday, for sure. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!


Robin said...

I'm glad to hear that your birthday went so well! Cuddling with kitties is the best present ever. :) Snowflake is such a beautiful girl. I hope that she is able to find a home soon.

Summer said...

Snowflake is so pretty!

The Church Cat Family said...

Snowflake has captured our hearts. We're happy to give you all cuddles any time!

Flynn said...

Kitty cuddles are good every day of the week, but especially on your birthday. Snowflake is a sweetie.

modern nomad said...

Snowflake looks like a lovebug!
Have a super week...

Noodle and crew

Hannah and Lucy said...

We're hoping Snowflake will soon be in her forever home with a wonderful family that will spoil her rotten.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I hope Snowflake gets a forever home soon.

Dogs N Pawz said...

Happy belated birthday! Sharing Snowflake!

Teresa Gardner said...

Happy Belated Birthday-Sharing Snowflake today.

Harvey, Miranda and Silver said...

We are visiting as part of the Tuedays Tails. We will share Snowflake - who on earth hasn't she captured a heart yet - she is lovely!!!

Dash Kitten said...


We missed your BIRTHDAY??