Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

I was playing with Da Bird with Leo, Glitter and Cashmere a little while ago and realized something. As a family, they have the same play trait. They are lazy players!

They will leap after Da Bird once or twice, then they roll themselves on the floor and wait for it to come close enough to grab! They will roll around like mad, and scoot across the floor, but they stay down. They are fierce.. well, the girls really are. Leo isn't quite as fierce, but he gets his licks in. I prefer to think of him as polite, when the girls start after the toy, he backs off so they can play. I make sure the toy finds him wherever he is though, and since the girls are on the ground, he has a clear shot!

So this morning when I was playing with my lazy players, I remembered a very fierce player. Star, no matter her age, even up to just before she crossed her bridge, was the fiercest player I've ever seen! She would leap and jump and claw and grab.. She never stopped. Well, she occasionally had to take a rest break after she turned 10 or 12.

I posted this series of her playing in November 2012. My girl was fierce!


Star, when she is ready to play, is so freaking wild that she's almost impossible to catch on the camera! I did, however, get a series of her playing with Da Bird in her daddy's chair. From the pictures, it looks like she ONLY played with it in that chair.. But she was seriously all over the room, from one side to the other, as long as the string would let it travel! She was moving so fast that the only time I could get a good picture of her, and not just where she HAD BEEN, was when she dived into the chair.

Star always attacks her toys with tooth and claw, which is why her mouth is open, she is NOT yawning..

I got it now!

I'm going to eat you now!

You just THINK you're getting away!


You are not getting this away from me!


Crud! Where did it go!?

Oh there it is!

If I don't bite you in half, it won't be because I didn't try!

You think you're fast, but *I* am faster!

Wait a minute.. What are you looking at?

I might have to be done if you're going to watch me play... my fierceness is private.


Maybe I should show this to Leo and the girls.. might show them something?


Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Lovely Quinn wants to lay back and catch a feather going by, but she does occasionally jump around.

Summer said...

Boodie's the lazy one here! I both roll on the floor and leap! Binga used to leap and jump so intensely she'd make herself pant! (I do that sometimes too.)

Katie Isabella said...

I am a lazy player most times too nowadays!