Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Beddy Bye Tail Part 3 & Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

Ok, so part 1, I made a bed that the kitties didn't even want to give a good sniff, much less use.
Part 2, they put a few of their feet it, but nope nope nope, not using it at all.
That brings us to part 3! Are you thinking they decided to use the beddy?? Sigh, I wish!
Glitter got IN the bed, but not to lay down or use it like a bed. No, she got in it for one reason and one reason only..
Hey! This thing has some yarn in it!

I can.. just about... get the ends! Looks like someone tried to tuck them in where I can't reach them! HA!

No, I do not plan on laying down, I only want the yarn. I don't know why you're freaking out about it. Why did you put yarn in there if you didn't want me to chew on it?

Well, Glitter dear, maybe because in that no instructions picture on how to make this thing, I didn't have a reference for how long to make that string, or even what's better to use! I was lucky to see that there was string at all in that thing! Be that as it may... rest assured that those strings are cut short now and I have new, better stuff, to replace that yarn with. If anyone decides it's worth using that is..

Keep tuning in, who knows what the next installment will bring!




 Since June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, and I think that's a BIG DEAL, I decided to ask for a BIG WISH for some Winnie's Wishes! This sweet family, the West Woods Family, are so in love with each other, so close, so sweet. Is it at all possible to find a great home for FOUR sweet kitties? If it is, I know that we, you and I, are the people to find that home! We can share them on our facebook, twitter, whatever social media we use, we can ask family and friends, we can do it, if we but try! So for Adopt a Shelter Cat month, will you try with me?

I know it's a big thing to ask, so at the very least, I would love to see at least some of these kitties go together, please help however you can!

You can read more about these great kitties HERE

Contact Chrystal to talk about adoption: c3k@lazernetwireless.net


The Island Cats said...

If they are anything like us, they'll ignore the bed until you decide to put it away or give it away...then it will become their favorite spot!

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

HIde the bed in a barely open closet and sprinkle some Nip on it?

Sue Kottwitz said...

Laughing about that bed! Shared.

Dogs N Pawz said...

Love the bed! Sharing the cute family of kitties and hoping they find a home together.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I think if you put an old shirt in it with your scent on it, they will love it. Works every time around here :)Plus it would cover the yarn so it won't tempt them.

Eastside Cats said...

Pilch's idea sounds promising!

Colehaus Cats said...

Isn't it customary in your house to ignore all beds until mere moments before your humans take it away? We read somewhere that's how it's done and so that's what we do.

Katie Isabella said...

And that's what I do. Mommy gets a new beddie and I ignore the hide off it till she gives up. THEN I lay in it.

Summer said...

You kitties are tough critics! We'd totally be using it here.

Random Felines said...

geez - tough crowd....

Katie Kat said...

Shared the kitties!!! <3