Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Play or Sleep and Opt to Adopt Blog Hop!

Glitter likes to sleep on the upper most shelf of the big cat tree. Leo likes the second shelf. Occasionally, he's not quite tired enough to sleep, so he plays with the dangling toy.

The light from outside the window made the pictures hard to get, but don't you love the outline of Leo's giant paws? You can almost see all his extra toes!

Leo: *gnaw gnaw* I gotcha now, fat dangling mousies!
Glitter: Zzzzzzz

Leo: No fair trying to get away!
Glitter: zzz .. huh, what?

Leo: Fine mousies, you can go for a minute. I'll just chew on your leather stringy! *chomp*
Glitter: Who the heck is shaking my bed perch?

Glitter: Oh, of course it's you, Leo.
Leo: Hey! You're awake! Wanna play?
Glitter: No.. I wanna nap..
Leo: Aw poo.. Well, can I play with your tail then? It is dangling here
Glitter: Um, I'm gonna go ahead and say no to that.
Leo: Ok, I'll keep playing with my mousie friends then.
Glitter: *sigh*
Hope you all have uninterrupted naps today!


This is blog hop!


Sweet Traci Mae, this weeks Winnie's Wisher, has been waiting so long for a home of her own! Won't you please please help her find her forever family? They are out there somewhere! Ask your friends to share too, maybe they know the people who are to be hers!

Learn more about her HERE

Speaking of Winnie's Wish; They are looking to add another room to the cathouse this summer to help separate kitties who might be intimidated by so many other kitties. It's an awesome project and can you believe they intend to do it for the low cost of around just $5000! Now, when you're self funded, that's still a lot! So if anyone wanted to send them a little for this project, every dollar helps!
You can read about the proposed project HERE and HERE, it's going to be awesome!

Oh, and our Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser is still available for Winnie's Wish every day expenses like food, litter, medical care and the like, and with it your kitty gets a soft cozy bed all for themselves!



The Island Cats said...

Good thing that cat tree has so many perches for you two. :)

Marilia Bavaresco said...

Uninterrupted naps are sooooo important!

Sue Kottwitz said...

That's way, way too long in shelter! Sharing.

Ragdoll Mommy said...

Aw :-( Poor Glitter! Lol.

Eastside Cats said...

Little one! She needs a home of her very own, so I'm sending adoption vibes to her! Leo had better not play with that tail...

Random Felines said...

boys....can't live with them, can't send them back :)

Mr Puddy said...

Glitter, wanna play with my tail ? =^~^=

Summer said...

Brothers! Mine was annoying sometimes too. He lives with a family in Northern California now, and I hear he is doing really well!

Photo Cache said...

do one after another.

emma and buster

meowmeowmans said...

Well, at least your cat tree has enough levels for each of you. :)

We'll share about Traci Mae on Twitter!

Dogs N Pawz said...

Poor Traci Mae. That's way too long to be in a shelter. Paws crossed she finds a home soon. Sharing.

Marty the Manx said...

Leo you are such a silly boy!