Monday, January 5, 2015

A Toy Story

Have I mentioned that Cashmere is extremely attached to my nephew's fiancé (NF)? NF comes over every day to help me out while I'm still struggling with rehab with my legs, further complicated by the wrist issue. Cashmere loves loves loves NF and insists on laying up against her, getting cuddled by her and playing with her every day for as much time as she can get.

It's really cute. Unless you consider that she's STOLEN MY CAT'S AFFECTION! No no, it's fine really. Unless you consider that once NF goes home Cashmere is completely devoted to Greg, in which case HE has STOLEN MY CAT'S AFFECTION! No no, it's fine really. Unless you're me and you want the cats to only love me!

Whoops, did I say that out loud? Um.. Ok, let's get to the pictures! Cashmere getting some play time with her BFF NF!

Cashmere: I'm so lucky! I get to play with my favorite girl with a cool toy!

Cashmere: Whoa, hey! Where did it go?

Cashmere: Oh, silly me, there it is! She's tickling my buns with it.

Cashmere: I played for exactly 3.27 minutes, I might be done now, thank you.

Glitter showed up, as she usually does when there's any playing going on. That's the nephew, (The Boy or TB) sitting on the floor. As you can see, Cashmere rates a spot on the couch even before TB does!
Glitter: I heard some playing going on, sir, do you know where the toys are?
Cashmere: No toys here, no playing here. Buh bye now!
NF: Here you go, Glitter. Cashmere seems to be done anyway.

Cashmere: I was not done! I was.. resting! Yes, that's right, just taking a short break. Breaks over!
Glitter: We can take turns! My turn!

Glitter: Oh boy oh boy! It really is my turn!

Cashmere: Oh look, you have to contend with those dirty work boots. Why don't you just run along and I'll let you know when it's safe to play without that in your way?
Glitter: It's ok. They're not that dirty. And besides, I like work shoes.
Cashmere: I knew it was you that dropped chirping grasshopper in daddy's shoes!
Glitter: No one saw that, you can't prove anything!

NF: Oh, you still want to play, Cashmere? Let me get down another toy for you.
Cashmere: Oh thank you thank you! Hmm, this one is pretty good. Better than that one even!
Glitter: Got it! TB, you're lucky the groomer trimmed my claws recently, hee hee

Glitter: What do you mean "lazy player"? I'm very actively attacking this toy! From a prone position.

Glitter: Whoops, it's getting away from me! It's kind of a short toy.. Maybe you should get closer to me, NF?

Glitter: Oh! This one is much longer! A girl can really get into this one!

Cashmere: Hey! I was playing with that one! What's the deal!
Glitter: *bite claw grab chew*
NF: It's ok, Cashmere, you got the original toy back!

Cashmere: *sniffle* It's not about the original toy..
Glitter: I know what it's about! It's about wanting whatever toy I have! hee hee Gotcha toy!
Cashmere: See! Even Glitter understands!

We hope you all get whatever toy you want today!


If you're so inclined, you can still get in on the Cozy Kitty FUNdraiser to help out Winnie's Wish!


Random Felines said...

goofy girls....but it is fun to see them out and having a wonderful time

Photo Cache said...

you are just way too cute.

Emma and Buster

LP said...

It's so nice to see how "at home"the girls are now. Just hanging out with guests and having fun! :)

the critters in the cottage xo

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Ooh, NF is tryin ta get in good with the N by bein good to the kittehs huh?? Watch out fer that one an treat her good!

Summer said...

My human has to share me with her boyfriend! Although she likes to think I like her best... at least I spend more time with her than I do with him - but I still hang out with him when he's in the kitchen or she gets too boring!

Katnip Lounge said...

"I'm very actively attacking this toy! From a prone position."

Mommy just about spit out her tea!

The Swiss Cats said...

It looks like you have great time ! It's hard to play for Zorro too, because I want whatever toy he has for me and only me ! Purrs, Pixie

TabbyCat said...

I did not steal Cashmere she just so happens to like me cause I am the tabby cat 😃

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

LOL TabbyCat! Ok, she was willing but you still 'stole' her!

Katie Isabella said...

Cashmere, that picture of you on your back shows your totally glorious coloration better than any has till this point. You are lush and scrumptiously furred!

I would have a hard time as Katie's momma if she was being "courted" by another momma, but she loves ALL people who come in here as though they were her pawrents for pete sakes. She's all over them.

The Cat From Hell said...

NF really knows how to play with Cats! That is a GOOD thing!

Marty the Manx said...

Oh we have that toy issue in our house too :)