Monday, June 16, 2014

Visitors and Betrayal

So so much has been going on since Glitter and Cashmere arrived here, what? Three weeks ago? Is that all? Has it been that long? In some ways it's like they've been here for a long long time, and in some ways it's like they've just arrived! Three weeks! Wow!

Very early that first week my dear cousin came over to see the new kitties. I was sure she would NOT see the kitties. I really wanted her to see the kitties! But I thought the kitties would not want to see her, or anyone else.

This is the wonderful cousin who's wonderful husband built our Celestial Skyway wall of shelves! (The shelves that I really have to get the kitties to get up on soon... oh do they frustrate me with that cool wall!)

When they arrived, there were no kitties in sight. Now Star kind of likes cousin and has recently even allowed pets. Leo has been pet by cousin but he doesn't sit still for any kind of lovin'. I think Leo was up in the upstairs window and Star was.. I don't know, not hiding, but not out. The girls, of course, disappeared.

But before long I was able to call Glitter out. Oh I know I sounded like a complete nutjob.. But Glitter and Cashmere really respond to their names when you say them in a high pitched sing-songy voice! It worked! Glitter peeked out!

Glitter wandered back and forth for a bit then she went over to the new tree. You might remember that the upper cave is the Cashmere cave? Well the bottom one is the Glitter Grotto! Glitter was teasing cousin by peeking out of her Grotto.

You can see me, but you can't get me! Na na na Na NA!

Cousin: Hi there! Can I pet you through there?
Glitter: No, you cannot see the kitty! The kitty is inside!

Glitter: That's not fair.. how did she see me in here?

But Glitter did relent and let cousin pet her. Quite a bit more than I expected really! After she left the Glitter Grotto, she allowed some pets and then she headed over to Leo's short tree and the top of the mancat cave. She has seriously taken over this spot that no other kitty has ever really used! Greg even sees her dangling her feet through the top hole to the cave!
(Note, she is laying directly over the hole..)

I like it here, it's perfectly Glitter sized.
She sat there and cousin decided to see if this was a good place to get a real pet in without Glitter walking back and forth. Turns out it was! She not only pet and pet and pet her, but she got to RUB HER TUMMY!
*I* had not yet had the pleasure of rubbing Glitter's tummy! And she just rolls over and lets cousin have full access to all that soft puffy floof! How fair is that??

Glitter: Oh that's nice! A little to the left.. ah purrrrrrrrrrrr
Cousin: She's purring!
Me: Noooooooo! She hasn't purred for ME yet!

How fair is that??

Hey, where'd you go? I didn't say you were done!

Yes, Glitter was a little attention hussy.. She loves cousin. It was days before I got to rub that floofy tummy! Days, I tell ya!

Oh Cashmere? She ran every time cousin looked at her. hee hee Guess you can't have them all!
But she did play peek a boo with cousin's husband. She kept coming out by the stairs where only he could see her from his vantage point and when he'd say she was there, cousin would go to try to see her and bam! Nothing left but a Cashmere shaped dust cloud!

I was going to show you a picture cousin tried to snap of Cashmere behind the couch, where there's no Cashmere and lots of just behind the couch.. but I decided you didn't need to see that many of our dust bunnies.. They, unfortunately, never hide from anyone.

Just wait til tomorrow! I have a very out of order Three T's Tuesday coming up! Oh my gosh is it awesome! Maybe you can contemplate that rather than how my new kitties seemed to prefer my cousin in their first few days...


Sparkle said...

It looks like Glitter knew where to get some good tummy rubbin'!

Hannah and Lucy said...

That tummy rubby looked a specially great one so no wonder Glitter purred loudly. Cashmere you'll have to be brave or you'll miss out on all the tummy action.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Caren Gittleman said...

don't feel bad, instead of "purr betrayal", Cody often "talks" to his Dad when he won't talk to me on the same day!!!

Fur Everywhere said...

Sounds like Glitter ate up all the attention :)

Cathy Keisha said...

Would cousin like to keep them and you can rescue some more WW kitties? Just a thought. I don’t let anyone touch my tummy.

Brian said...

That tummy rubbin' looks like lots of fun to me!

LP said...

Glitter, you are turning into a regular little flirt! And Cashmere, with think it is a good sign that you made little appearances...even if you did scoot away. It sounds as though the Girls are really happy where they are :)

the critters in the cottage xo

Katie Isabella said...

I roll over and get my sparkling white tummy rubbed lightly! But only mommy and favorite brother.

Flynn said...

No wonder Glitter purred. Those looked like some good tummy rubs.

Maxwell, Faraday and Allie said...

Glitter! You're such a TEASE!!! MOL!

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

It looks like Glitter is one happy girl with that tummy rub!

Katnip Lounge said...

heh heh heh...WE know who Glitter is playing to and it ain't YOU!

WTG, grrrlfriend.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Did your cousin have pocketsfull'o'toonas or sumfing? It is shocking how tarty she got with purrfect strangers!

Star, darling, you would NEVER behave this way, would you my sweet? Well....unless their hair smelled really, *really* good.....XOXOXO

Marty the Manx said...

Such great pics of Glitter and Cashmere being brave enough to hide in her tree and not in the bedroom! Your cousin was the very lucky one!