Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The New Girls and a Calico Opt to Adopt Blog Hop

For those who only read us on blog hop days, last week we talked about transporting Glitter and Cashmere to their forever home. We didn't make it obvious then, but that forever home.. is our home!

They are settling in nicely, and much faster than we expected them to! They've really started to become honest to goodness members of the family!

Cashmere approves of snack time!
..And I get my own bowl! Though I still like to share with my sister, it's nice to know we have options!

This was taken on their second day. Glitter wanted to be in the room with us, but only on the edges, laying almost behind the couch. But now she takes her pick of many great spots, almost none on the fringes of the room.
I like being a part of things. And now that my confidence is up, I can use more comfy sleeping spots!


There are still too many cats in the Winnie's Wish cathouse. Please spread the word so more of the sweet kitties can have their forever homes! Trust us, it's totally worth it!

June is adopt a cat month or adopt a shelter cat month, or both, so lets work on emptying the cathouse and getting all of these kitties into homes!

There are some sweet calicos in the cathouse so today we're going to feature them!


Autumn and Sallie were recently featured on the Daily Dose blog, here's the link to find out more about them!

Kippie is a cross eyed blue eyed beauty, you can learn more about her here.

Matilda has a bobbed tail and is a cutie, learn more about her here.

You can see all of the adoptable Winnie's Wishers on the sidebar of Daily Dose, please help find homes!


Sparkle said...

I'm so glad the girls are doing so well already - I wish every kitty had the same opportunity!

The Furries of Whisppy said...

It's wonderful to see how quickly the girls have adjusted to their furrever home. We hope Star and Leo are adjusting well to their sisfurs too!

William said...

Concats on the expanded family! Is four more fun or what?!

BeadedTail said...

Yay for Glitter and Cashmere becoming a part of your family! We're glad they're doing so well!

Random Felines said...

glad the girls are adjusting so well....and paws crossed for the calico girls!

Fur Everywhere said...

They are all so cute. Hope they all find great homes very soon.

Glad the new girls are settling in so nicely :)

Brian said...

They are all so adorable and I am glad your new ladies are doing so good!

Sue Kottwitz said...

So glad those girls have a new home. Congratulations! Sharing.

Dogs N Pawz said...

All those kitties are precious! Hope they find homes soon!

Visit us at Dogs N Pawz!

Ian Thomson said...

The girls are looking great in there new home, Sharing.


Rene said...

The new girls are a beautiful addition and it's so wonderful to see this.

M. K. Clinton said...

Oh I am so happy that they found their forever with you!! That is so awesome! Congratulations!

Maxwell, Faraday and Allie said...

Oh yay! Look at the new girls settling in!

Paws crossed for the ones still looking for their homes :-)

Pawesome Cats said...

They are settling in so nicely - glad they found their forever home with you.

Anonymous said...

Dey awe all bootyful. Meez suwe hopes deys get homes soon.

Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses


Kitties Blue said...

Concatulations on your new home, Glitter and Cashmere. You are very lucky kitties. Hope you can make friends with Star and Leo. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Timmy Tomcat said...

How wonderfur!
Congrats on the new home kitties! You are going to have so much fun!