Thursday, March 13, 2014

To Name A Snow Storm After Vulcan Is Illogical.

Apparently Lenard Nemoy tweeted what I used as the title of this blog. I was watching the weather channel with Greg and saw what they named it and said you can't name it after Vulcan! Vulcan is HOT! And then they popped up Nemoy's quote! We looked at each other and burst out laughing!

We got hit hard by the illogically named snow storm. Once again Greg got stuck in the driveway. In fact, the car sat at the very end of our very long drive all night because he was too tired to dig it out after midnight when he got home. That's the third time this year (or fourth..) that he's been stuck at home. And probably the sixth time (or seventh..) in the 27 years that I've known him! So yeah, been a bad winter.

We pulled the curtain up this yesterday morning (ok, noon) and the cats loved it. It's always clipped open a little for them to peek out, but when it's open full, they act like "Hey! I've never seen out there before!" Goobers.

The pictures are odd because it's dark inside compared to the white out we had going on out there while it snowed so hard and blew so hard. Half the time you couldn't even see to the street or make out the neighbors house!

First Leo got up in the front window on the little tree.

Where did all the stuff go, who erased all the colors??

As soon as Leo went to look for a warmer place to sit, Star jumped up.

There is not a bird or squirrel or rabbit to be seen anywhere. Someone remove all this white mess immediately!

This all started after 6 am and these were taken right around noon. We had a hard time getting the front door open because it was over half a foot deep pressing up against it.

Out the back window, things were no better except that it was hard to white out a tree that's that close to the window. Please ignore the filthy window..

Keep warm today friends!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, it was brutal here. And the univ. stayed open, though I finally left at 3:20PM. (I'm in southeastern Ontario.) There's no staying "warm" for us today, our windchill currently is minus 26 Celsius...whatever that is in degrees F.

I'm done.

Can't take winter anymore!

Eastside Cats said...

I'm in Metro Detroit, and we got whalloped too; I made it to work easily, but digging my car out at working day's end was quite the chore. Hubby had shovelled at home, but it had drifted over and I had a moment in our driveway when I had to do the reverse-drive-reverse-drive to make it in. Two of my three ferals were happy to get dinner, but one stayed in his shelter (I heard him moving around). Please, Mother Nature...bring us Spring!

Cat said...

We had the storm too...gah, winter can be over anytime now!!! Stay warm friends :-)

Hannah and Lucy said...

We feel so guilty sitting in the sunshine (behind glass) it is like another world seeing your tree picture. We have lots of pretty nose marks on the windows here!
Take care.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Bellen said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow - and it looks like the heavy, wet kind. be careful shovelling any of that.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

guys....we hurd de stormz name two N wuz thinkin what de be jezuz...awesum tweet by spock !!!

Sparkle said...

Man, you guys got hit hard!

laura brown said...

No storms here yet, but buckets of rain...


Pretinha said...

O inverno está sendo muito rigoroso para vocês amigos!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Well, I know you said ignore the window, but we are intrigued: Who painted the blue lines on the window? Was it the beginning of a mural or something, ha ha ha?!

The kitties look so cure silhouetted like that! You can really see how much bigger Leo is!

The Cat From Hell said...

We is sure glad wes lives where wes does! It has been pretty nice for the last week.