Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Star Update

My plan was to post last night just after midnight, but I fell asleep. I woke up just a bit ago with two kitties sharing space on me! Leo leaning on my feet and Star curled up on my belly! I thought, aw, maybe yesterday starts a new era of acceptance between my sweeties.

Then Star, disturbed by my waking up, turned to crouch and glare at Leo and grumble at him. I was worried about bloodshed. Mine! It didn't come to that, but when I left the room, I heard some brief fisticuffs pawdicuffs. It was short and no one was chased from the room. So I guess that's better than nothing. I'm gonna focus on the sharing of me for sleeps instead of the pawdicuffs!

So did we get a sample from Star... Heck no. She was not interested in that gravel box in the least. She sat by the door and sang the song of her people until we went to sleep and started it up again once she heard us wake up.

She did, however, eat her snack. Leo did not. Of the two of them I think Leo was the most freaked out. He refused to come down stairs and just sat at the top step across from the bathroom door where Star was singing and not peeing.

He was not by the door, not intimidating her, not bothering her, but being very concerned. Every time someone would walk past the stairs, he'd jump up and look down anxiously as if to say "Can you let her out now please!"

I know I know, shut up about Leo and get to Star's report! I'm sorry, I just find Leo's behavior during all of this inexplicable!

So Star went to the vet, sans sample. The vet checked her out and determined that she did not have enough in her bladder/kidneys/wherever they get it from to get it with a needle. They could have kept her, giving her subcutaneous fluids and lasic (sp) to get her to go or at least fill up enough for to tap the keg. But she would have had to spend the night because of Greg's schedule and we couldn't see stressing her for that when the vet seemed to think she was probably fine.

He thinks she might have been stressed or if she did have a crystal that it passed. She shows no signs of having a problem. She hadn't, in fact, for days, but I wanted to keep the appointment just to make sure. The vet did say that she could have some issues because of her age, and perhaps the litter boxes weren't as clean as she'd like... (we'll do better!)

He also wondered if she were hyper.. but her behavior at home has not altered. She just didn't want to be at that bad place and was running around looking for a way out when the tech put her on the floor! Um, hello! She don't like you people poking and prodding around on her! Of course she's gonna run around looking for an out! (She finally shoved her carrier away from the wall so she could crawl back inside and curled up in the very back of it!)

She does have some arthritis, which we figured since she does not jump like she used to. I told you how she now discovered Leo's cabinet top comfy bed? Well there's a jump to the shelves to get there, it's not that high but she did fall just two days ago trying to get up and landed on her side. On the bed, so whew! But still, she couldn't make a two and a half foot jump. But then explain how she almost made a leap of four feet to the vet table at one point, and only missed her back legs getting up. (Greg was able to quickly catch her rear and help her finish getting up.) She's a study in contrasts, our Star is.

I believe it was a week or so ago that I mentioned that she'd lost some weight over this past winter with some health issues? I thought it was a few ounces, turns out she lost a whole pound! On a cat as tiny as her, that's a LOT. Vet said more stinky goodness, which will work in two ways, more liquid from that than dry, and more food. 'Cause girlfriend can't leave stinky goodness alone! Just ask Leo, who'd rather eat a little, leave, come back, eat a little, leave, etc.. Once he walks away, it's fair game to Star!

About Star's sample. We will try again soon with the litter beads from the vet but we don't think they're going to find anything. Whatever it was seems to have resolved itself, thankfully. But we will still make sure.

So back to Leo's odd behavior. After Greg bundled Star off to the vet, I believe he went into the bathroom to check everything out. A few minutes later, he came running downstairs meowing! A lot!

When we first got Leo he would meow when he'd lose sight of me and not know where I was. But in the years since I could count on one hand the amount of times he's meowed, actually meowed. (He grumbles when I clip his toes and whines when Star stare intimidates him, but in no way can those be called a meow.)

He meowed all the way down the stairs and across the living room toward me, then proceeded to inspect the house looking for Star. He still did not touch his last night's snack. He just paced and looked for Star. Eventually he cat loafed by my feet and kind of watched the door.

When Greg and Star got home, Leo ran to greet them. He followed Star around, which she hated of course. He didn't get too close, just wanted to see if she was ok I think. Star ate his last nights snack and he sat watching her.

Now this is funny: When Greg went upstairs, Leo went with him and sat by the bathroom door. When Star thought she might come up, Leo charged at her! He's never done anything like that! But he was determined that she was not going up stairs again! I think he was trying to protect her from getting locked in the bathroom again! Does that sound crazy to you? I honestly don't know.

But I have to think he was worried about her, no?

You'll not be sneaking off with Princess Hissyface again, now will you. That's not a question, by the way, it's an order!

I'm going to try to nap away this bad day, no one better get any grabby hands, or grabby paws or there will be consequences..


Random Felines said...

very interesting.... poor Leo - he is just trying to protect the princess - whether she likes it or not

(btw - got a text from Chrystal and they are still trying to fix the computer)

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh my darling girl! I cannot believe that horrible, no-good very bad day you had (but you know what? Last time I was at the Stabby Place, I ran into my PTU, too! Any port in a storm, I say.) Please get lots of nappies, and foods and Mama love--and don't soften up toward the Barbarian just because he missed you! I'll drop by again later XOXOXOX

Bellen said...

Leo probably was worried about her. He must like her - whatever her feelings about him.

It may be time to start installing a few short flights of steps for Star. I have some at the foot of my bed, principally for Tungsten, but others use them, too. She'll need them elsewhere. She's getting old, yet still manages a burst of energy and speed from time to time.

rainbow said...

It is natural for Leo to be concerned at the disturbance despite the uneasy relationship between him and Star. Our paws are crossed that this might herald a less fraught relationship and we send special healing purrs to Star.
Purrs ... Rainbow

Brian said...

I am not surprised by that at all. He may not admit to liking her, but he sure missed her!

Sparkle said...

The relationship between kitties living together is more complex than humans will ever know...

da tabbies o trout towne said...

star...glad yur doin better....N never ever let on that ewe N leo troo lee due like each other coz then de humanz will stop guessin !!!

Clooney said...

Oh Leo, you are such a good protector of Star, we see how you worried about her, you were! Sending more purrs Star's way.

Maxwell, Faraday and Allie said...

Leo dood, good job protecting your sissy-fur!

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

Everyone else has had some good advice, but we were wondering whether you meant that the vet asked if she was hyper or hyperthyroid? Her weight loss made us wonder. Either way, we're purring to hear that her urinary issues seem to have cleared up. Paws up for Leo for all of his concern!

Quill and Greyson said...

She probably smelled like the vet at first. Hope she feels better!

Cathy Keisha said...

Aw, poor Star. I’m sending her healing purrrz. Leo was doing for Star what Katie did when Waffles wasn’t feeling well. So sweet.

Katie Isabella said...

Oh Star I was hoping for word on how you are. Sweetie how did you lose a pound? Did you get a blood panel done? Leo what s dear good boy you are . Xxxxxxoooo

Photo Cache said...

Purrs for Star. Hopefully you'll find out what's really going on and that it can be remedied soon.

Leo you sweet little thing.

Emma and Buster

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Purrs for Star from all of us, plus some woofs and neighs.

Poor Leo sounds like he was very discombobulated by her absence.

The Chans

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

cats are creatures of routine. You disrupted his routine..

and yes, I have no doubt he missed his sister..

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

It is nice that Leo is being a good brofur and worried about Star (even iffen she doesnt appreciate it).

Eastside Cats said...

I think you are right; Leo is trying to keep Star happy, and he knows that going to the vet (and being locked in the bathroom) makes her unhappy. Way to go, Leo!

The Cat From Hell said...

Poor Star!
Leo is being the male protector in his pride. Even if the alpha female would rather he left her alone.
Much like the relationship between Kozmo and Nellie said...

oh my precious furriend Star! I have been so bad as a furriend by not visiting often. Purrlease forgive my staff for their bad behavior. I am so sorry you had to go to that icky place with the probing stick...Yuk! I hope you can get some rest...and purrhaps, just purrhaps, you have a new champion in Leo??

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