Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Great News!

People, I am excited! Seriously! There are no pictures, but I'm going to paint you one as best I can!

As you know, Leo and Star fight too much at night so they are separated by a 'gate' at the top of the stairs. We used to make them take every other night, but Star was totally freaked out, so now she only goes up when SHE feels like it, which is about every fifth day or so.

In the morning, Star will sit on the stairs and holler at us to hurry up and come down to pay attention to her. This drives Leo crazy and he tries to look over the gate, which is a long folding table on it's side. There is the tiniest crack between the table and the wall because of the baseboard and sometimes they will try to eyeball each other through that.

This morning, (I write this in the middle of the night for posting after midnight, yikies, almost 3am tonight! so yesterday morning to you), they were doing this. Greg decided to open the gate about an inch and let them see each other. Star had been thundering up and down the stairs already, a sure sign she was in a playful mood. So when the gate opened 'paw wide' they batted at each other through it! Batted only! No hissing! No growling! Just batting!

Was this play? Or as close as they were going to get...? No idea. So when Star was out of sight, we opened the gate and Leo peeked down until he was sure it was safe, then he bounded down.

Let me make an aside here... Why does Leo, a LARGE bounding bouncy cat make nearly NO sound as he runs up and down the stairs, but Star, a tiny, petite little thing sound like a thundering herd all by herself??

Ok, so I made my way down stairs and stopped to sit by Leo's tree where Star jumped to get some pets and scritches. As I was giving her the demanded attention, I saw Leo peek out from behind the couch. I told him he could come out, but he didn't believe me and backed up til he was out of sight of Star and me.

Star was finished, tried to bite my hand, and jumped down and thundered across the room to jump a toy. Leo peeked out, saw no Star, and came out to peek at the food dishes to see if there was anything new, and since there wasn't he sat between my feet to watch Star play.

Star looked over, saw Leo.. and this is the cool part! She did that little head twisty thing where she cocks her head almost upside down in that "I'm so playful I'm about to lose my head!" move, then she bounded across the room sideways in that "play with me!" move while watching Leo!

No hissing! No growling! No aggression! Not even airplane/aggression ears!

Leo, of course, was either too smart, or too scared, to take her up on this. Probably wise, because while she wanted to play, if he'd actually came over, she'd probably have whapped him.

But then not that long later, he whapped at her! From the top of the Royal Footstool when she didn't know he was there! And she DID NOT ATTACK! She whapped back, but with no growls or hisses and they ran across the room like that!

Twice more they did the same/similar thing! Wow!! They were almost, technically, sorta playing!

Of course, later in the day they were back to "I hate you" "No, I hate you!" but doggone it, my kitties played! Together! And I'm gonna celebrate that!

These pictures are of Leo sitting just outside the bedroom door, peeking through the crack in the gate a while back. Crappy cell phone pics...
I see you down there, Star! You can't get me, you can't get me! Na na NA na na!

I'm not teasing her, mommy, I'm a nice boy!

In other WONDERFUL news! Leo's sister Mitts got adopted! She is right now, at this minute, in her new home!!! I am beyond thrilled and excited!!! You can read about it on Daily Dose!
That leaves three of Leo's sisters and a whole slew of other wonderful kitties who still need homes! So please, help find those wonderful homes so we can Clear Chrystal's Cathouse by Christmas! See them on the Winnie's Wish post.
Pretty Mitts

Christmas is coming quicker than I can believe! But there is still time to get your personalized ornaments!! Check our Christmas Fundraiser that benefits Winnie's Wish!
The original Fun Fun Fundraiser toy sets are also still available!


Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

We're glad to hear that Leo and Star are observing a Christmas truce. Paws crossed that it will hold for a while.

And we would like to know why the big cats can run silently while the little cats sound like a herd of thundering elephants. Ashton was like that from the time she was a little kitten, always running loudly through the house. At least she has an excuse now that she's tipping the scales at [a lady doesn't tell her weight].

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

It is DEFINITELY playing! They like each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also thrilled that Mitts got adopted!


That's great progress!!

The Florida Furkids

Hannah and Lucy said...

One small step at a time will lead to more peaceful times.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

D Ma said...

yay. peace in the valley.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We love posts that are so full of great news!!!

Such great news about Mitts!

We love our ornaments! No home should be without some.

The Chans

Marg said...

Well at least they were friends for a minute or two. That is progress. Good Leo and Star.
Take care.

Mr. Black said...

Hearing about Leo and Star playing with each other (even briefly) was fun! Sounds like they are testing the waters for more fun times to come.

Sparkle said...

That is DEFINITELY progress! Although I don't think they will be cuddling together for quite a while (yet).

meowmeowmans said...

That IS wonderful! Way to go, Star and Leo! Maybe this is a sign of things to come (or are we being too optimistic?)? :)

SO happy about Mitts. And for Chrystal, too. :)

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

That is wonderful. My two cats just recently consented to lay on the same bed together (gasp!) with no fights!

Random Felines said...

we think Star knows Santa Paws is watching closer and is just messing with everyone.... MOL

Brian said...

I don't blame you for doing the happy dance, that is really some special progress!

Cathy Keisha said...

I feel sorry for Leo cos being bullied is no fun. Not that anyone would bully me.

BTW, Walgreens has the best Bear Claw ice cream. That's the one Pop likes.

The Indulged Furries said...

Congratulations of having some unexpected peaceful coexistance and signs of play.

Anonymous said...

OH My CAT!! this is progress...at least for now!!! And I so hope it continues...one or two paws forward, and maybe one back...then forward again...and OMC! again! Leo's sister has a furrever home for Christmouse!!! ...ahem...excuse me...leaky eyes here...ok, Im OK...paw pats, Savvy

Oui Oui said...

Wow, what a milestone! Concats! Maybe there is hope for our Julie & Mica Moo. Life with gates and closed doors. I'm dreaming of a day they aren't needed. I'm sure you are too. We're happy to see sweet Mitts found her family.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Our ornaments comed! Our ornaments comed! They is beeyootiful and PURRFeCT even with all our complicated instructions, MOL!! We love them and now the Human doesn't really want to give them away!! Thank you, L&S Mommy. And the Human unnerstands how very IMPAWTANT these little things can be! I have stopped running away (well, sometimes I have stopped) when she bends down to pet me. She's as thrilled by that as your mom is at even a small sign you are playing together! XOXOXO

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...


Gattina said...

I think we will never understand a cat ! One moment they fight and the next moment they play with each other !
I learned not to interfear unless there is no killing in the air !

Pretinha said...

I'm sure you were very happy, I had this problem between Tom and Charlott, but now also the two play together. It is to celebrate yourself!

The Cat From Hell said...

It can be tough. Nellie and Kozmo mostly hiss and yeowl at each other, then sometimes they play.
And I agree with you, Nellie weighs about 5.5 pounds and Kozmo is close to 15 and Nellie gallops around like a thundering herd of wildebeest.
Nellie's Mo

Clooney said...

Good going kitties, that is awesome! You two are so cute and floofilicious!