Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Announcement! And Daddy's Chair

Before we get to today's post, I have some great news that I keep forgetting to announce!

If you recall, my secret hope and dream was that the FUN FUN FUNdraiser would bring in a thousand dollars, but I wasn't sure that could happen so I out loud wished for a couple hundred for Winnie's Wish. Well, this week we sorted out the money, figured what paypal and postage and everything took and would you believe it, WE, that's YOU and us, WE raised $1062!!!!! OVER a thousand! Oh my gosh do you guys rock!!!! Do you know how many spays, neuters, vaccines, how much food and litter and miscellaneous medical care that will cover?!?! How awesome is that!?!
I thank ever single one of you for your help in spreading the word, for donating and loving the toys, and for caring enough about Winnie's Wish to jump on board with us! Again, you all rock!!

Now the biggest need over there is adoptions! The cathouse is full and she has three kitties, including the one with the broken leg, in the house. She needs more room, she needs to adopt out some of those kitties. So lets put as much effort into finding those homes as we did to the FUNdraiser, ok? Tell everyone, blog, facebook and tweet, tell all your friends and family! Please help THESE KITTIES find a forever home!

Thank you!

Oh, and yes, you can still get FUNdraiser toys for donations to Winnie's Wish. I've got plenty ready to go!


Daddy's Chair
Star LOVES sitting on the arm of her daddy's chair! Not just to get pets, but just to be near him. Or perhaps she thinks of it as HER chair and wants him to move.. Either way, she's so sweet looking when she sits there. Here are a few examples.
Daddy ALWAYS gives her his bowl after he's done with ice cream. He usually leaves a bit in there for her too, just a bit because he doesn't want her to get sick, but he doesn't want her to be deprived either.. I give her my bowl too (Leo is completely uninterested in human food and would rather try to bury it than lick it..) but it's never as good, and she will snub her nose at it or, in the case of sherbet, she'll try to bury it too! Apparently daddy has better taste in ice cream flavors...
Hurry up.. Aren't you done yet? I want my licks.

This was a very weird usage of daddy's chair... Greg and I have very different ideas of what a 'comfortable' temperature is.. When I'm cold, he's hot, when I'm hot, he's cold *sigh* The other day he was hot and I had a snuggy on, so he turned on the fan and aimed it at himself.

Star jumped up, and we were both surprised when she sat and faced the fan.
Daddy's hot, I'm hot.

If that wasn't cute enough, she lifted her face toward the fan and just kept it there! Seriously, I took several pictures of this scene, thinking I'd have a series of expressions or movements.. but she never budged, not a muscle.. She just sat face in the breeze. So obviously I'm not going to show them, it would look like I just copied the same picture over and over!
I love the way the wind blows through my furs.

Freezey mommy closed my windows, how else do you expect me to catch the breeze?
Is there a better spot in the house than next to the one you love?


Sparkle said...

WOW! You did an AMAZING FUNdraising job for Chrystal! Paws up to you!

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Well done with the fund raising! You did a fabulous job! :)
We love how Star is Daddy's little girl.

Just Sharlene and the Spice Cats said...

Congrats on the fund raising! are like me, just that I am mummy's boy on the sofa.


Katie Isabella said...

Oh Star, you look like a carving on the prow of a pirate ship! xoxoxox

Random Felines said...

OMC - that was a pawsome fundraiser!!! YOU ROCK!

Love Star and the ice cream - I don't eat much around here, but Tommy will appear out of no where if I have some....

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

YAY!! So happy the fundraiser was such a HUGE success!

LP said...

Hooray! What an amazing feat to raise that much for Chrystal! You are PAWSOME!

Hmmm. At our house...if LP's hot, Daddyman is cold. If LP is cold...Daddyman is hot. Ugh.Sound familiar?!!

the critters in the cottage xo

Hannah and Lucy said...

What a great result for Chrystal and thank you for doing so much towards raising all that money.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

~*Connie*~ said...

congratulations that is pawsome!

Brian said...

That was super fund raising, big job well done from all of us! Hey, nice chair!

The Island Cats said...

That's a great chair, Star!

And congrats on all the $$$ raised for Chrystal!! That is FABULOUS!!

William said...

Conga rats!

I think Star has a perfect spot!

ABBY said...

You sure did put the FUN in fundraiser. WOW that is so fantastic that you (and all the wonderful others) raised so much for those wonderful animals over at Chrystals!
That is just pawsome.
And Star you are a queen!

✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

Wow, congratulations on the total for the fundraising. Pawsome job!!

Marg said...

That is so great that you brought in all that money for Chrystal and the animals. Funny story about the fan. Take care.

Photo Cache said...

concats you all for the great job.

Emma and Buster

Sherlock, Ash and Traveler said...

Con-cats on your purr-fect job! High paw :) purrrrs all around

Sherlock, Ash and Traveler said...

We almost forgot to tell you that we have some awards for you so stop by and pick them up :)

michico*Adan said...

You have a great dad,
I can see how much you love him!

Oui Oui said...

Wow, concats on over $1000! You rock the mostest cause you worked so hard to make it happen.

Our Julie is like Star, she has to have some of the mom's everything, especially ice cream. She doesn't care what flavor. She recently ate pumpkin ice cream. (We have the same bowls as you too!)

The mom's first cat, Leia, loved men and would let them do anything to her - like dangle her upside down. Things she would have scratched the mom bloody for.

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Having a strong breeze inside the house sounds rather unusual to US!

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, you guys totally and undeniably ROCK!!! We are so thankful for all your hard work and advocacy for Chrystal!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Hurray! All-Star, All-the-time! Who needs that BoyCat anyway?? Star deserves BOTH ice cream bowls, the spot in front of the fan, and as many blog posts as she wants.

Am I right, or am I right?

Nadbugs said...

Well done with all, Andrea!

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