Friday, May 11, 2012

Mad or Crazy?

Abby from Manx Mnews said something about wishing it was like Star Trek where they wave a little thing over you and know immediately know what's wrong. Yes, oh boy yes do I wish it was like that!And then they give you a little zap with a needless hypospray shot thing and boom you're all better! The big surprise for me, I think, was to see another Star Trek fan in the kitty world?

Being a major Trek fan myself, it was nice to know I wasn't alone here in the blogosphere! MOL And what's really funny is that when the doctor said I had a desiccated disk, all I could think (but I'm glad I didn't say it) was isnt that what they do with dead Ferengis? You buy a disk with a desiccated piece of whoever in it and the more the disks go for, the better Ferengi you must have been! So, any bids on a desiccated piece of Andrea? 1 strip of latinum? 1 slip even?

Ok, now you gotta forgive me again for going all foggy brain weird AND Trek speak weird please!

So today I'm kind of mad at Star. But again, that could be all medication talking. The new one that the wonderful new doctor put me on can cause mood swings, yay...... I needed more side effects.. But I think you'll agree that I should at least be a little miffed at my sweet little arthritic almost 13 year old six pound kitty..

She's gone into another of her really aggressive against Leo phases and it drives me crazy. I try to distract her, but once she's got those huge luminous eyes fixed on him, it's pretty much assured that she's going to whap him. When is the only question.

Leo was rolling around on the Royal Footstool and she snapped her eyes on him. I did what I could to distract her, to make her look at me. Leo noticed her and stopped and crouched down and watched and waited. Just when I was reaching out to put my hand between them, she lashed out and tore up my finger. Then, of course, since I was now the bad guy, she hissed at me and went to hit me again. Luckily she thought better of it and took off. Leo took the opportunity to run hide under the bed.

Later, when she was no where to be seen (probably in the nieces room) he came back and was playing and running around like the little nut he is. Ok, BIG nut that he is! I mean, my boy is at least twice Star's size! And you know he's got more toes/claws than her with those huge polydactical feet of his!

He wore himself out and decided to take a nap on my sewing machine cabinet. That's when Star came out of no where and started stalking him. She creeped across the floor right up to where he was half hanging over the edge. (like he NEVER isn't hanging over the edge of whatever..) I caught sight of her and called her. She ignored me. I told her she better stop and I shook a bottle of advil at her because I've heard that if you put stones in a can and shake it it makes them stop their bad behavior but all I have close to me is drugs.

That made her look at me and realize that I was watching. But I'm not her daddy so she didn't have to pay attention. She started her slow advance again and I shouted at her to stop it. Ok, don't judge me here, it's hard to move and I know it's not the ideal way to deal with the situation but please recall the pain, the drugs and the frustration that she doesn't listen to me. I threw a pillow case at her.

I missed but she did look at me again and consider not attacking. For about 10 seconds then she was back at it. I rattled a plastic bag at her. She looked at me again. I rattled it again and told her to move away from the kitty. No dice, she sped up her attack mode. So I threw the bag... it contained only a small soft item, so even if I had hit her with it, she would have been fine.

She backed off. Whew! Crisis averted.. NO! Suddenly this tiny cat who can't jump but must climb up on couches and chairs, leaped up and started whapping the crap out of a cowering giant baby!

To heck with the bad back, I got up and headed toward them, but he ran before I could get there, with her in how pursuit! He must have eluded her because I didnt see him again but she ran the circle of the house at least three times like she was after him but he was not there. He probably got up the stairs before she noticed, thank goodness!

So she hissed at me again and disappeared until her daddy came home..

Ok, so can I be mad at her or is this just another day in the life of kitty momma-ness?

Oh! And later, after Daddy came home and we finished dinner and she was thinking it might be close to snack time, she crawled all over me purring! Do you think she's been into my drugs?

Poor Leo..
I having a bad day..

Is she coming back?

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Sparkle said...

I wonder what gets into Star's head when she acts out like this! It's not a been-to-the-vet thing or a redirected-agression thing (the most common reasons for this type of behavior). Mysterious!

Katie Isabella said...

I sure wish she would not do that as I know you do as well. I wish I knew why she felt compelled to? I feel sorry for you and for Leo. poor guy. What a way to have to live for Leo. And you can't wish for him to whallop HER to teach her a lesson..that just starts a horrible scenario. I hpe she can get over this and you..that has to be hard to deal with what with your back, pain, and all this drama too.

I am a Trekkie too. REAL bad. OH! We need a Vulcan for a mind meld for Star! Find out what's going on in there.

Random Felines said...

yeah - we have that here too.... last night Spud and Junior decided one of them had to be deaded... and it gets everyone else wound up (and that Marble momma cat doesn't need any encouragement)..... what can you do???

threecatyard said...

I wonder if you are overreacting some over this. If they are just doing a swat and a run you might just let it run its course instead of fighting it. It might be play instead of a real attack.

It sounde like Leo could fight her off if he wanted to.

~*Connie*~ said...

another trekkie here too :)

have you ever read the book Cat vs Cat by Pam Johnson? has a lot of great tips to help keep the peace..

Or you could enter Jackson Galaxy's Book Launch Contest

Katnip Lounge said...


Sometimes the urge to eat Cat Meat is overwhelming, I think. My crew does it too.

All. The. Time.

ABBY said...

I just started reading Jackson Galaxy's book and he just described a cat that attacked, not saying it's the exact circumstance, but he said that a cat is protecting something when it gets into the situation you described. I don't know if that holds a clue for you, but I thought I would pass it along (and I'm sure you'd enjoy reading Jackson's book).
Oh I am such a fan of the TV series (childhood memories and all) plus the first few movies.
Hope you feel better!

Photo Cache said...

that's the difficult part about being catmama, we don't know what's ailing our furbabies and the way they deal with pain or discomfort is different than the way we handle them i suppose. it's just that poor leo. hey big boy, wanna bunk with us? we won't whap you :)

happy mother's day.

emma and buster

The Cat From Hell said...

Nellie's Mom here. I am laughing! First I am a trekkie, my kids are trekkies and I am sure my cats are.
Next Leo and Star are like Kozmo and Nellie. She is a tiny 14 year old daddy's girl and has totally terrorized Kozmo who must be 3 times her size.
Life with cats is so grand!
Nellie's Mom

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

We wish it was a Star Trek world, too. But without Borgs and with more Datas...

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Um, you are the person who brought this giant, unwelcome, multi-toed INVADER into HER space, Lady! What do you think any self-respecting Feline LadyCat is going to do under such circumstances? Defend her territory, of course! And she is totally within her rights to change her mind and suck up to the Human when treats are required. Duh!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Happy Mother's day to your (somewhat damaged) Mommy today! I hope you two kids have been good for this ONE day anyway! XOXOXO

Bellen said...

Have you tried using a towel to drop, like a stage-curtain, between the two of them when Star looks ready to attack? It breaks eye contact and puts a wall in front of her. Even if it doesn't work, it may be less painful than using your hand. I've heard this method helps.

Nadbugs said...

Oh dear oh dear. It doesn't sound like you're having much fun at the moment. Head-butts coming your way from Bugs and Fang.