Monday, March 5, 2012


Just a quick update, my dad, Sir Moose-a-lot’s daddy, did get to go home on Friday and doesn’t need his pain meds any more! He’s doing great! Thank you for the support, purr and prayers!

Star and Leo, after a few days of trying to share the bed, reverted somewhat. There was fighting, chasing, hissing and grumbling. After one particularly nasty bout, Greg decided that enough was enough.

He’s been talking about getting out Star’s figure 8 harness and leash. We have one for Leo too, but he’s never seen it. Star’s was used when she stayed with my Gramma when we went out of town previously. Otherwise she would stay under the couch there the whole week or two.

In the harness and leash, Star becomes a very ‘humble bumble’, quiet and docile, meek even. And she would sit by my gramma instead of running. It worked then. And Greg’s been saying she needs to be humble again and get along better.

So into the harness she went, and on the leash. Oh she did not like it. We put her next to me and Greg went up after Leo, who’d been chased under the bed.

Leo seemed quite cowed himself and we finally decided that he didn’t need the harness. Greg took Star and her lease to sit by him and I took Leo to sit with me. They watched each other, but no more grumbling ensued. Star wormed her way down beside her daddy rather than on his lap, but that was fine. Leo sat, nervously, but comfortably on me, and then on the Royal Footstool leaning on my knees.

After an hour or Star was allowed out of her leash and snack time commenced. They have been very good with each other, for the most part. Until tonight.. Things are a little touch and go. Leo is almost bouncing out of his skin playing with everything and anything he sees. And Star has been knocking heavens knows what all over the place in the niece’s room.

All I know is the noises coming from there are scaring the kibble out of me! I’m not going to look though... When the niece gets home, we’ll see if she screeches or not. That’s how we’ll determine how bad the damage is. MOL! All I know is that Star is walking around looking smug and playful!

Sorry no new pictures, we just haven’t gotten any taken for a while! We’ll do better! For now, perhaps you'll enjoy these old pictures, I hope!




The Furries of Whisppy said...

It's gonna take a lot of patience and time but once (I like to be optimistic) they finally get along, it's going to be well worth it!

Katie Isabella said...

I love seeing them both. What a beautiful pair of gray beauties they both are. Thank goodness that your Dad is home and not even needing his pain meds. That is the most oerfect of outcomes. xoxoxo

Brian said...

Yes, it will take time, we have been working with Sister Precious for going on. year and we are finally seeing some progress.

Random Felines said...

we say any progress is good you play with them on a regular basis to wear them out? mom tries that here and it helps (usually)

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

Glad to hear all the good news. Thank you for coming to the birthday commentathon!

Katnip Lounge said...

That's a good idea! Now all I need is 13 harnesses...

Sparkle said...

I already have a LOVELY personality, so I don't need a harness. Just the other cats and the dog do... and maybe my human's boyfriend, too.

ABBY said...

Abby and Boo have been together since 2005 and they get on but do not like each other. It's definitely more Abby than Boo, but it is what it is . I hope Star will change her mind about Leo.

Cathy Keisha said...

Whoa! You guys with siblings have it rough. Nicky & Autumn had to be locked in separate rooms and the peeps refuse to do that again so I'm an only cat.

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Oh sure, show the sweet innocent picture of the Boy and make the Girl look like the crazy one!

Oh, wait--I'm a Boy! Carry on.