Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby Pictures

I could kick myself for missing the "The Way We Were" event yesterday.. And I have some adorable baby pictures of Leo.

Star, as you may know, came to us when she was two years old and had been a mommy. It was the free kitten sign that caught my attention and the tiny gray cat on the porch that caught my heart. I was sure she was a teenager-ish kitten, but when we finally got hold of the people, we found out she was one of the mommies. They had two girl kitties and a male broke through their screen and spent all day in their house. Obviously both girls being in heat drove him to it and they pretty much trashed the house in the process. That ought to teach anyone to fix their kitties, hmm?

Anyway, she was petite, but not a kitten, so no kitten pictures.

Leo was still a kitten when he was rescued by Chrystal and her family (please check out her blog Daily Dose and consider adopting a kitty, Leo's sisters are still waiting for their forever home!) He was one of the first captured, and was not very happy about it. I like to think he's very happy now, not only for being rescued in the first place, but also for coming here and becoming my heart kitty!

So I'm a day late, but I'm gonna show off a few pictures that Chrystal took when my baby was a baby!

This is Leo on the left and I believe Glitter on the right. Don't they look like scared little babies?
Go 'way big two leggy things.. no like you!

Look at those paws! And the ears are definitely talking, aren't they?

I love how adorable his shy little face is in this one..
I'm just a little wee babeh, you can't see me in here..

A little older, look at the ears. He's getting less feral!
Ok, maybe you're not so bad, but still, put me down, 'kay?

Here's the whole row of them! Only one sister missing. Leo was the only boy, he's on the right. And he's already a bigger kitty than them, isn't he? Signs he was going to be massive!
We're fine right here, thank you very much, you peoples stay right where you are.

Getting a little older! And longer!
these stretching exercises are gonna make me get real long!

On that same little shelf, his head fits where his whole body was before!
I know I sat in here before... what's the problem now..

Here he is in Chrystal's car on his way to ME! They had to pull him out of there, but then he was a happy traveler. Once I got him, he rode half the trip on my shoulder. 
I wonder where we're going.. And who's that Andrea person they're talking about?

This is not long after he came to us. Around 9 months old. This is one of his best spots, hanging over my shoulder, being my Leo Scarf! My snuggly boy!
Ah, now THIS the life.. purrrrrrrrrr


Sparkle said...

I love those kitten pics of Leo! In the early ones, he looks like a gray version of my human's cat before me (she was a calico but with the same fluffy fur and semi-feral attitude) when she was a kitten.

Karen Jo said...

I adore all those kitten pictures of Leo. He had quite a personality even then.

Marg said...

Oh Leo, you sure were very cute as a little kitten and now you are very handsome. We love the color of your furs. Good stuff. Take care.

Father Tom said...

OMG, Mom Julie is doing flips! How cute are they?? We love the photos. We're glad you put them in your post for us to see.

Leo, your paws are like mine. Does your mom think you're cutest when you walk? (altho it's really hard to say when we're cutest anytime and all that, hehe)


Random Felines said...

yep - he was a cutie (and still is) those ears - Junior used to give mom that look too (though Leo has reformed much better than Junior)

Brian said...

So, cute, cute, cute!!!!!!

Cat said...

Such beautiful baby pictures!!!!

Katnip Lounge said...

Adorable boy...I love me some gray mancats! And tsk tsk at those folks for not spaying their girls...although it DID get you Star!

ABBY said...

Oh Leo you are simply adorable from the very start!


Eric and Flynn said...

Leo looked adorable as a baby and still does. We like the picture of all the babies in a row.

Clooney said...

What a gorgeous baby Leo was! What precious photos! (All Chrystal's kitties seem to be so loving when they get to their forever homes, like Jimmy and Kip at Cat's too.)

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Ahhh, such cute pictures!