Friday, February 24, 2012

Of Beds and Strings

We've talked a lot lately, about how Leo has taken posession of the bed and Star won't even come into the room. But also that lately she has ventured in a little and occasionally will get on the bed. Especially to escape those short visitors the other day!

This morning Star led the way as I came back to the bedroom. She stopped to see where I was going, and kind of stayed where she was. I tried calling her, tried getting her to get on the bed, tried petting her on the floor to lure her further into the room. No dice.

Giving up on her, I decided to play with Leo with his hoodie string. I tried too keep it out of Star's sight, but she noticed something was going on up there! She snuck around the other side of the bed and pretty soon I saw her little ears and eyes peeking over the edge watching Leo play. As soon as he caught sight of her, he kind of laid down and would only play from that position.

Granted, he does get lazy and plays that way a lot, but usually after a wearing himself out with a vigerous five or ten minutes of total crazy play. There's no middle with my Leo; lazy or crazy.

Star, not being a very tall or long cat, soon started sinking below the edge of the bed, so she went and sat on the chair that gives them a jump up to the jewelry chest at the window. At this point, there wasn't much play from the boy so I was back to my morning routine. Leo kind of low-walked/slunk up to my pillow and just watched the watcher.

Suddenly, Star leaped onto the bed and walked all the way across toward me. And the hoodie string. I looked to Leo, to see if he minded. He was hunkered down, but with friendly ears, so I guessed he was ok with it. So I played with Star with the hoodie string for a few minutes. She went totally banana's of course. She's a wild player, even at almost 13!

I tossed her one of her old favorites, a q-tip, but she only gave it a cursery swat. What she really wanted was that hoodie string. Eventually, though, she got tired and laid down to have a bath. Right in front of Leo! I thought, ok, this is good. He just sat there watching her, so all was well.

For a while. Once her abloutions were done, she started giving him the stink-eye.. Oh no you don't Princess Hissyface... Not gonna attack Leo on his safe zone. Not gonna happen, not on my watch! I tossed her q-tip, no go. I flipped the string. That got her attention for a few minutes. But soon she was staring at him again.

Enough was enough. She'd been a good girl so far, but no sense pushing our luck. I asked her if she was ready to go downstairs. She just looked at me, but when I stood up, she hopped off the bed and raced for the stairs! Drama averted! Leo stayed upstairs, probably breathing a sigh of relief, while she took a nap. Worn out, no doubt, from both play and containing her smacky paws.

Star: I've got you now, stringy!
Leo: Yeah, just... stay over there with it

Star: I know he's looking at me. Isn't he?
Leo: Don't flatter yourself.. I've learned never to take your eyes off someone who want's to chew you up and spit you out like so many feather toys on the carpet..

I'm not feeling very q-tippy today, but go ahead and tug on that string again... heh heh heh

*sigh* Can't she go now, mom? I'm late for my early afternoon nap. That means I'll be even later for my late afternoon nap and my early evening nap and so on and so on...

 While she was having her bath, I got pictures of toesies!!
*lick lick lick* stop looking at my toes.. *lick lick*

 And her tummy! Can you see how curly her tummy fur is?? It's so soft and curly and sweet!
Why can't you leave me alone when I want you to? Alone with the string, which I'm not letting go of by the way..


Cat said...

Harmony on the bed...who would have ever thought it would happen?!

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

Callie and Sassy are like that. Okay to both be on the bed, but must be at opposite ends.

Jewel said...

I like the "I'm not feeling very Q-tippy" expression. She looks quite miffed.

Carolyn said...

Hello! :). It looks like you have a cranky kitty too! They are such characters our pussies!

Thanks for coming and leaving a comment :))

Katie Isabella said...

Oh what a love, really and my sisfur had curly tummy and chest furs. Mom loved those.

Brian said...

From someone who shares the bed with 4 girls...BRAVO!!!

The Cat From Hell said...

That looked like lots of fun! Kozmo and me is hardly ever on the bed at the same time either. Mommy hopes that will happen someday. Me thinks not!

Prancer Pie said...

Oh No! Tummies and toesies are two of our Mommy's favorite things. SQUEE! (we're gonna haf to try out one of those q-tips, we nefur thought bout that)

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Star? He is, he *IS* staring at you.

Clooney said...

Oh what a tummy and toesies!