Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Star and the Twins

Star has a love/hate relationship with everyone. I was going to say 'even me' but that would be redundant. I think I've said before that the ONLY person that Star loves unconditionally, fully and without question is Greg. She is his, well, he's hers I should say.

When it comes to my nieces, the twins, there's been more hate than love. Except for twin 1's hair. She lives to smoosh her face in twin 1's hair! She loves wet hair, but with twin 1, wet or dry, if it's where she can get at it, she will rub her face in it like it was catnip! And forget it if she leaves a headband laying around.. She'll roll around in it and sleep with her face in it.

As for twin 2, well, their relationship has always been touchy. Twin 2 is afraid of Star. Whenever you go to pet Star, she will turn to look at you and meow. Of course that shows her teeth. Twin 2 always interprets that as she wants to bite her. That's not true. All the time.. But recently, I think since twin 2 got her own kitten, she's been better able to pet Star and get along with her. She's even let Star in her hair. (Identical twins or not, Star still far prefers twin 1's hair!)

Back to twin 1, who lives with us. It isn't just her hair that Star adores. Anything that belongs to that twin, Star wants. She takes her hair things, sleeps on her clothes, digs in her purse, lays on her school books, and sniffs her shoes. About the only thing she doesn't like is the twin herself.. (aside from her hair) Probably because twin 1 has made it her life's mission to pick up Star, and Star is NOT pick-up-able!

Over the weekend, I got some pictures of Star and her obsession and her tolerance.

Twin 1 left her school/book/gym bag on the sewing cabinet. Star did not need a second invitation to explore it..
Ah, the loud one has left me a present.

What? If it's not for me, why is it in my sitting spot?

*sniff sniff sniiiiifffffff* Ah, that's the good stuff...

Excuse me while I dig out the contents..

Star has taken to sleeping on twin 1's bed, but only when she's not in it. She loves the comforter and piles of clothes. Twin 1 took this picture, you can almost see Star daring her to throw her out.
Go away. It's my turn to sleep here and I'm not done.

Twin 2 really wanted to try picking Star up. It was not happening.. See Star talking to her? That's what she does whenever anyone starts to pet her. I don't know if it's a hello, a warning, or just acknowledging that you have invaded her space and she is thinking about tolerating it.
Oh, hello flinchy one. I suppose you may touch me. For a moment.

Do you see what I put up with? See how good I'm being?
I deserve a good snack today for this.

Pick me up? Not happening. Try again later. Like in 50 years.


Hannah and Lucy said...

What has twin 1 done to upset Star?
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Brian said...

Well it sure looks like she brings some good stuff with her!

Random Felines said...

MOL - makes you wonder what twin 1 smells like to Star.....

Anonymous said...

whiskers forward, ears forward - I don't see a sign of any anger or fear there.

So I would say the meow is a greeting or acknowledgement, rather than a warning.

Twin2 might get more confident if she studied up on cat body language and behavior, because being uncertain herself will feed back to the cat.

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

It is amazing the things we cats have to put up with from the hoomans - isn't it?

ABBY said...

Abby has designated me as her person, and although she is alright with other people, it has to be on her terms. She is a cat that likes to put her mouth on you, so she will nip. Not hard, not unless she means business and sometimes she does. But she doesn't mind being picked up at all, in fact she will lean into you when she is picked up while nearly all the other cats in the house lean away -- put us down sort of thing.
Interesting behavior with Star.

LP said...

Star is probably just playing hard to get :p
Thanks for dropping by our blog.We wanted to ask you for your blog address so that we can add you to our sidebar and visit more easily :)

LP and the critters in The Cottage xo