Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sleepy Weekend

Leo speakin’ here taday!

Daddy has an extry day off this weekend! Three whole days in a row! Mommy says we’re gonna do a lot of sleepin’! Now that sounds like a great plan to me! As long as I get some bouncy, toy filled time too!!

I sleep everywheres! I sleeps on the big squishy bed. I sleeps on the Royal Footstool. I sleeps on the back of the couch. I sleeps on mommy. And the last couple o’ days, I found me a new spot to sleep!

Oh boy, kitties! You know how I JUST found out what fun it is to play under the sheets? Well did you know it’s way cool fun to SLEEP under the sheets?? Seriously! I went under to play, but mommy was takin’ waaaayyyy too long so I felled asleep! It was nice and cozy and I stayed there for a seriously long time!

Mommy moved, got in and stuff, and I slept. Daddy twitched, and I slept. TV went off and I slept. Lights went out and I slept. Then mommy AND daddy both moved at the same time... and I shot outta the sheets like a bullet from a gun!

Mommy called me a goofball, but I didn’t care. I just settled with my tail on daddy’s feet and my shoulder on mommy’s feet and went back to sleep!

Here I is snoozin’ on the Royal Footstool. WITH that girl’s new blankey that mommy wants to steal! Oooo is it soft and snuggly!

Lookie, here’s Star sleepin’ on the back of the couch. Mommy says Star hasn’t slept there since I started sleepin’ there. Mommy is so happy that Star is sleepin’ over her shoulder there, even if she does snore, and sometimes talk in her sleep. Personally, I don’t care where Star sleeps. I just wish she’d stop being such a bitc.... um... wench.. Hissyface at me!

 Since daddy has that extrey day off, don't be surprised if ya don't see us again until Tuesday ok? I wish you all a good sleepy weekend too!


Bengal Business said...

We wish you lots of sleep and lots of lovin this weekend! Purrsss Lars and Odin

Marg said...

We hope you have a wonderful three days of lots of rest and some good snoozes. Take care. Love you shooting out of the sheets. Take care.

Oui Oui said...

You don't hafta tell us twice! We're all sleepy here and Carl is SNORING!

Random Felines said...

have a great extra day.....Mo likes to snooze under the covers with mom sometimes too

Katnip Lounge said...

Undercover LEO! Some of us like to sleep that way too...until somebody (MOMMY!) has gas. Then we skeedaddle right quick! hee hee.
Enjoy your looooong snoozy weekend!

Father Tom said...

{Yaaawwwnn} Your post made me sleepy.

Where's my huggy bear??

Have a good weekend!


The Island Cats said...

Enjoy your snoozy weekend!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We needs lots of snoozing here! The humans have all been sick!

Brian said...

I just know you will make the most of that extra day!!! Y'all have fun!