Monday, January 30, 2012

Middle of the Story

Back on Friday I did a post called Table Trouble and I talked about how Leo couldn't get off the table because Star, Princess HissyFace, was chasing him. I realized that I had a few pictures of the intimidation tactics she was using so I thought I'd share them today.

Aside from actually chasing him, she uses the stare tactic. She gets braver she gets, the closer she gets to him before actually jumping, slapping, or chasing. That night, she was feeling pretty brave.
I was already trying to call her off, she just gave me annoyed looks and wouldn't back off.

Star: No. It is time. I'm going to kick his big furry behind.
Leo: uh... help..

She refused to move until I actually started to get up. Then she took off all "I wasn't going to really do anything, hee hee"
I coulda handled her.. Yeah, you take off HissyFace..

Not twenty minutes later, she was chasing him up the stairs. No hissing or fight sounds, I let them work that one out themselves. And then, as you know, he was back downstairs and on the folding table, out of her reach. She was sitting under the chair, watching him until her daddy woke up and told her to chill. She listens to him.

That night, Leo slept like the dead. I think she wore him out.
zzzzzzshe moved out?zzzhow nicezzzzzzz


Maya said...

Hehe, kitties and their special tactics! such a cute picture of Leo asleep :)
He has furry toes like Lola!

Us4 Cats said...

aw! this made mom bean smiley. she says she knows that kitty stare down look , and i guess she finds it cute. but all kitties know what it means....wild kingdom time has arrived!!! heeheee.

Random Felines said...

too wishes our "confrontations" would end that well....usually she has to get up and make someone move!

Glogirly and Katie said...

Never a dull moment! I think they are having fun the whole time...just leading you on.
; ) Katie

Cat said...

That last pic of Leo is adorable!!! He doesnt look any the worse for wear :-)