Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I got video of Leo doing the sheet bitey! I really wish my phone had a better camera though... It was the only thing handy when he started playing. The snoring in the background is Greg. And that's his foot Leo's laying next to. You might note that 'daddy' is laying way over on the side, that's so he doesn't accidentally kick Leo who prefers to sleep in that exact spot. Occasionally he will come over and lean on my feet, but mostly, there is where he is.

 I know these look very similar, but my phone only takes video up to 24 seconds so I kept turning it back on and it broke up into sections.

This last one I think is really funny because he's playing all around daddy's feet! Greg watched it and said it's no wonder he wakes up and feels like he's been through the war. Leo sure enjoys himself!

Tomorrow I am hoping to post pictures of Leo discovering the tree, undecorated so far!

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ABBY said...

Oh Leo
You are so adorable!