Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tree Time!

Leo got a look at his first Christmas Tree a few days ago! I know he was alive last Christmas, but he was in the Cathouse at Chrystal's and I'm pretty sure she doesnt put a tree up.. I could be wrong I suppose. So lets say for sure that this is his first Christmas tree HERE!

We have an artificail tree because real ones give me spots. I don't like spots. Spots are not a nice fashion accessory, they don't look good on anyone... So we have a nice artificial tree. That's been through the wars. You might notice tinsel on the tree. That tinsel has been on there for more than.. Oh boy.. I don't want to age myself, but it's been on there since the first year we got the tree, 24 years ago. Oh boy, I sound old.. Anyway, that tinsel is so thoroughly wrapped around and embedded on those branches that it would take a dedicated lumberjack five years to remove it! And yet, every year there seems to be some just hanging delicately off a branch or two... Those, I remove. Someday I'll understand tinsel logic. Maybe

So Leo! And his first look at the tree! I had the camera ready! And missed every shot where he was nibbling on a branch. *sigh*

What the heck... What is this?

Tastes... plastic-y... Scratches the back nice though.

Is this what you meant by 'lights on the tree'??

I not biting it, honest! Ok... not honest, don't want sandy paws thinkin' I'm a liar! But I didn't bite it much!

Ok, I'm being good now, I'm away from the tree... I'll bat it later heh heh

Star got her look at the tree too.
Oh this thing again. Why's it in a box this year? Is that MY box??

It is! It IS my box! You broked it!

You shall pay for this, you have stolen the throne of the Queen of the Box and she is displeased. Prepare to be scratched in your sleep!

In my defense, the box is to keep the old metal legs off my new carpet in case there's any chance of rusting, it will be on the cardboard instead. And I think she actually likes the box like that because she has sat in it more than once. We will flatten it once the tree is decorated and in the spot we want. And then yes, we'll get her another good box to play in.


Random Felines said...

Star - at least you are getting a new box out of it!!! Have a very merry catmas!

ABBY said...

Leo & Star
We think that you have a beautiful tree and we can't wait to see how you react to all of the ornaments next. LOL


orbit said...

We won't have a tree this year because we're moving, but if we did, I'd be sure to try and eat all the tinsel off of it!!