Friday, December 2, 2011


I may have mentioned, ages ago, in this blog that Star will sometimes sleep on my back (or play queen of the hill by sleeping on my bum), and if I’m awake and reading, she will sit on my hip so that I have one hand free to pet her as she does happy paws making millions of punctures with her ever so sharp needle claws.

She has not been doing this much lately because Leo has gotten comfortable sleeping on the bed. She will jump up, see him all sprawled out, on his back, legs stretched in every direction, then she’ll give me a disgusted look, glance at him with utter disdain at his excessive display of contentment on HER bed, grumble a little and then leave in a huff.

She still shows up as soon as her daddy’s alarm goes off. Leo usually disappears around this time, whether because of the incessant noise or because Greg starts moving around, hitting snooze, getting back in, hitting snooze, getting back in, etc. is anyone’s guess.

Morning is Star’s time to get mega-attention from her favorite person in the world. He will pet her until he’s almost late for work if she demands it. And she, at her advanced age of over 12, will roll around like a kitten getting all the scritches and pets she can stand. It’s pure bliss for her.

If I’m awake at this time, she will occasionally wander over to let me pet her and pay homage to her highness. However, she will tell me she’s done by putting the bitey on me or slashing me with those aforementioned super sharp claws. Daddy never, ever, gets that treatment by the way..

This morning, as she waited for her daddy to come back from the other room, she allowed me to pet her. And boy was she affectionate! She leaned hard into my hand wanting more. I coaxed her onto my hip for a little while because, despite the claw holes she digs into me, I love when she sits on me. She wouldn’t stay there though, she wanted more rubbin’ scritchin’ lovin’ and pettin’s! Then daddy came back in and she was done with me.

I turned over and went to sleep, he went to work and she went back downstairs presumably. At some point in the wee hours of the morning (my morning; it was light out!) I woke up when a furry body landed on my back. OOF, I thought, she’s usually more dainty than that! But I smiled, because my little girl came back and I had a soft furry back-warmer.

She didn’t really settle in though and before I could drop back off to sleep, she jumped down. Actually, she bounced down.. That’s when I realized that it was NOT my petite little girl. It was my big bouncy boy who’d landed smack in the middle of my back! No wonder it woke me up!

This makes me happy for two reasons, now I have two kitties to keep me warm at night, and it makes up for Leo abandoning me earlier to sleep between Greg’s feet and not at my hip so I could pet him!

Furry love really is the best!

His feet, her feet, her hip, who cares as long as it's warm. And don't tell mommy, but I might have jumped on her back to get at her water glass on the other side... hee hee


Hamlin said...
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Random Felines said...

We kind of sleep all over the bed - but Mozart LOVES to sleep on mom. And Ivy gets all lovey once the alarm goes off.....

Father Tom said...

I think a heartbeat is as close to purring as humans can get, especially if there's lots of love there! I cuddle with Julie all the time, but in my book, the person I pick is Will. He's the new priest and is having a hard time, so I hope I'm making his life a little easier.

Have a good weekend, furriends--you too, Mom!

Tom & Julie

Katnip Lounge said...

It's gotta be a grey thing because Rupert and Grayce are the biggest snugglecats in The Horde! The closer the better to give me a hot flash and warm 'em up even more...pests! I'd miss them if they slept somewhere other than with me.

Brian said...

It sure sounds like a whole lot of comfy going on a your place! We all like the bed too, and sometimes there is all of us ther (six)! Have a happy wekend!

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

We lubbed reading your story and teh Human has teh envious because *I* do not sleep with Humans. I sleep in several of my nice beddies all by myself where I am safe from crazy Human people who might do COD knows WHAT when I am all warm and sleeping!

Fin said...

Hi! So nice to meet you! I too am a Daddy's girl. Please drop by anytime and I shall do the same!


Hannah and Lucy said...

We lay all over mum when she is reading or watching TV but she is too restless in bed for us to get comfy on and she moans about cold hands in the winter too!! We don't want cold hands on our tummies!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Oui Oui said...

Yup, we kitties love to play favorites and get huffy when other kitties are on our beds! At our house, we are afraid to get too close to Julie when she's on the bed. She is a vishus crankypants.

one of Fae's humans said...

hi! thanks for visiting my blog the other day. i really appreciated your comment. :)

Star's disdain for Leo when he's on the bed reminds me of my cats Fae & Iggy. Fae use to always sleep with us humans at night, but since we adopted Iggy she'd leave as soon as she came annd saw him there. :/ 6 months later she doesn't always leave but if she doesn't she starts a fight that causes Iggy to leave.

oy vey...