Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Late Boxing Day

Finally got a picture of Star in the box full of boxes! I think she knew I was trying to get a picture, she posed so well. For a moment..

Boxes to the right of me..

Boxes to the left of me..

Camera in front, so I'm outta here!

Well, at least I got a few...

I was going to start posting my kitty Christmas song, but then I noticed someone else was doing the same one and doing a much better job. So I might not post it. I was going to do it one day at a time, but I havent started yet and we're already on the fourth day of Christmas. Wow it goes fast!

1 comment:

ABBY said...

WE love boxes too.
We had such a great time when Mom and Dad were opening presents on Christmas morning.

We do have an award for you on our blog the posting was done yesterday in case you didn't see our message yesterday.