Friday, December 16, 2011

Fast Friday Freakout

Leo has recently learned the joys of getting under the sheets. He discovered this by accident the other day. He plays with the sheets by grabbing, biting and pulling on folds and wrinkles. He will sometimes run and dive onto the sheet and slide across it a little, gathering it up and putting the bitey on it.
It was during one of these jump and slides that he got the edge rather than a fold and his paws slid under the sheets. He looked at his suddenly pawless arms in amazement! Where did they go! So I picked up the sheet and fluffed it, getting some air under it and he thought that was the bees knees!

Without hesitation Leo dove under the sheet and as it settled down on him he wriggled and scooted around. I thought he was looking for the way out so I lifted it again. The look he gave me! You’d think I just stole his best toy.. and in a way I guess I did. So I dropped it back on him again!

He only stayed under there for a few moments that first time. But since then he’s been back under his sheet cave more and more to play. He’s so silly, he always gets there by diving, no matter how high I hold the sheet for him! I think he likes sliding..

Then today I had a jean skirt hanging in the bathroom and bouncy boy bounced in. He saw that hanging there, not a normal occurrence around here, and he looked puzzled. After pacing, read bouncing, back and forth for a while, he suddenly dived on the skirt! He got under part and on part until he was hidden inside. Then an adorable little head poked out and looked around like he was proud of himself.

With his ears still under, he looked like a little woman in a head scarf! By the time a camera could be had, he’d bounced his whole head out, but oh my gosh, he’s still adorable there!

Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Ok, I called this a Fast Friday Freakout, maybe it wasn’t as fast as I thought, and the freakout part isn’t obvious.. But that’s what I call it when he goes bouncing in and out of rooms being a big silly goofball! Which is how this whole thing started tonight!


Random Felines said...

awwwww - he sounds like so much fun!! We love being under the covers here....

Katnip Lounge said...

Oh boy, making the bed is gonna be fun from now on at your house! Salem is our under cover agent here, Mommy calls her "The Lump".

ABBY said...

Leo you need to learn how to make the bed next!

Father Tom said...

Julie says with all the years and all the cats, there are some who go completely nuts and there are others who couldn't care less, but what fun they're missing, right Leo??

I love the bed covers and play every chance I get.

Now, making the bed. There's a thought, Abby. I just don't think I could get those hospital corners right, tho, hehe!


Spitty-the-Kitty said...

That's such a great description of playing sheet fort! I myslef am not interested in this game, but the Human says that one of her Kitties Who Came Before LOVED the sheets! Have fun, Leo!

Meg said...

I loved playing in the sheets too! Thanks for dropping by my party, your comments and for your friendship! It means the world to us! We plan on keeping up with our friends still, even if we don't always comment. Mom loves seeing a kitty at play.

Photo Cache said...

once you've discovered under the sheet there's no going back :)


Emma and Buster

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Hi Leo and Star and Humans! Hope you are having fun getting ready for Krissymouse ;-)