Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuneful Tuesday

I would like to preface this by saying that Greg has a very nice voice and sings really well. He actually won my heart with his singing. We sing together in the car a lot. (I’ve been told I have a nice singing voice as well, but that’s not the issue for this post)

That said, as we were looking over some songs for Sunday service, playing them, and discussing lyrics, Leo, my sweet snuggly kitty, decided that he needed some neck time. So he stepped off the back of the couch, curled up on my chest and snuggled his furry body around my neck. Of course I had to lean back and allow this invasion even if it kept me from typing out lyrics.

So I’m sitting there with a face full of fur and all the sudden Greg belts out some Hey-oh!’s along with the CD. Leo jumped, startled out of a deep snuggly sleep and growled!



He who rarely growls at Star who hisses, bats at, chases, and grows at him! He who has to be mightily provoked to make a single peep!

So he jumped, growled, and gave Greg THE most offended look before he scrambled off of me to leave, all affronted, and thoroughly disgusted with my giggling about it! But seriously! It was funny!

(I think he was just startled by the sheer volume and enthusiasm, and I assured Greg not to take it as a criticism of his tunefulness!)

I think the lesson learned from this is: Sing softly and carry a big cat!

I don’t know what that was.. but it was scary!

I love Simon’s Cat videos! Someone posted THIS ONE on their blog recently and I about died! It’s so Leo! Right around 38 seconds he walk on the guy’s chest EXACTLY like Leo does to me! And while Simon's cat didn't lay down there, it is very like what I was just talking about.


The Monkeys said...

Oh! So funny! Our Mom had a cat that was also offended by human singing and would growl and sometimes howl along with her Mom (who was in a choir and had a beautiful voice).

Random Felines said...

Too funny...... Poor Leo scared off by the singing. :)