Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh give me a box

Oh give me a box
Where I can park my hocks
And I’ll be content.. for a while

I’ll jump in and out
And Leo I’ll rout
And you’ll swear that you saw me smile

ooOOOooo A cool new box!

It's mine! All mine!!

Don't even look over here, you box heathen!

Huh? Box? What are you going on about now, Hissyface?

Leo: Oh, new box! I see now!
Star: *if I don't look at him, he doesn't exist..*

Leo: Turn you're back on me, will ya? I'ma get you...
Star: Try it, I'll slash you with my mighty Claws of Death!

Leo: Maybe I'll consider things for a while.
Star: Mom, are you sure we have to keep him?

Ha! I knew all I had to do was wait a while and it would be mine!

Well, this isn't as much fun without her to torment..

Star: *off somewher plotting to close him in the box and mail it to Abu Dhabi*

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