Thursday, November 3, 2011

Loving Cup

I know I’ve said before that Star gets her drinks from a special glass on the bathroom sink. And if she thinks it’s not fresh enough, I must refill it or she will give it the back of disrespect, complete with twitching tail. She’s just a touch demanding..

Leo likes this special glass too and he loves to drink it down so far that Star can no longer reach the water. He’s a brat, my boy is, and a tall one, which is how he can stick his head further into the glass.

Star, short little girl that she is, is just tall enough to drink from the top of the glass. Any further than a few inches down and the rim is in her neck. Leo can drink it about five inches down. I think he does it on purpose.

It goes without saying that there are two bowls of fresh water next to two food dishes downstairs.

Tonight, Leo came barging in and looked like he wanted up for a drink, so I picked him up. Not just for a cuddle, but because he’s still not sure he can make the jump to the counter. I always said he was a bad jumper, but he’s gotten pretty good lately, just not with that counter.

He didn’t let me cuddle him tonight though, he wanted that water! So I put him up there and let him at it. I had just filled it for Star, but she didn’t make an appearance. As he was getting his drink, loudly as usual, I noticed something funny. He was standing on three paws and the fourth paw was wrapped around the glass!

That wasn’t odd and cute enough. He stopped drinking, and reached around the bottom of the glass. There is nothing there, but he kept doing it. Then I saw that he wasn’t looking at his paw or whatever invisible thing it was reaching for. He was looking in the mirror. Watching himself reach around the glass!

The only other time I’ve seen him notice a mirror, he growled at the big grey kitty in it! This was too cute. But it didn’t last. After a few moments, he went back to his drink. This time using the other paw to wrap around the glass! Ok, so this wasn’t to watch it in the mirror, and the only thing it was grabbing was the glass so.. He think’s he’s human and will one day pick up the glass for a drink with his big oversized paw? Is that what the extra toes are for? Hmmm

I didn’t have a camera when he was doing that, or believe me there’d be pictures! But the other day I did get a picture of Star drinking just because I thought the way she was standing was cute.

Stop watching me drink. The glass is full, your job is done. For now.

See her back feet? She doesn't normally do that, but pigeon toed kitty is too cute!

Star drinks with the glass where it is in the picture, and will give me ‘the look’ if I don’t put it there. But Leo drinks it from where it’s kept during the day on the other side of the towel holder. He probably doesn’t care where it is, Star does..


Random Felines said...

too funny....another one of those times you have to wonder "what are they thinking"....

JC said...

I have a cat that demands fresh water. He'll stand by the bowl and then look at me.

Your kitty is really cute.

Katnip Lounge said...

Pigeon toes are adorable! We think you two have your Mommy VERY well to come over and work on ours? She's incorrigible!

threecatyard said...

If I let Gus drink from a glass, as soon as the level gets too low he will hook the top of the glass with a claw and pull the cup over.

Then he can reach a lot more water.