Friday, November 11, 2011

Formerly Feral Friday

My sweet baby Leo was a feral kitten. If it hadn’t been for Chrystal and her wonderful family going and trapping him and his sisters and his still Feral, but now neutered, mom, I wouldn’t have my heart cat.

I imagine him, just weeks old, thinking humans were the enemy, yet the givers of food. Staying away, scared, but wanting the food so badly that risking going in one of those frightening human’s garage was worth the risk.

And then being grabbed up and taken away, leaving behind most of his family, riding in a car only to wind up in a cage. Thankfully the rest of the siblings showed up, but now they’re just a huddled mass of frightened fur. But fed fur.

Over time the frightening humans became more than food givers, they became friends, cuddlers, toy players, and dare I say it, friends. And then.... the vet, coming back minus a few bits. And a move into a bigger area, with lots of other cats! Leo did not adjust well at first and was returned to the cage, but with only one sister for company until he finally stayed in the cathouse, resigned to the other kitties presence.

A long time passes, and again he’s stuck in a car, alone, and this one a long trip that ends with him in the hands of scary new humans! And the trip continues for hours and hours and hours until he’s brought into a house with the scent of another kitty.

Time passes. These humans aren’t too bad either. One, in fact, is now his favorite play partner and cozy nap spot.

Feral? What’s that? No no, not any more. Just one big, really BIG, domesticated, pampered, spoiled, snuggliscious pussy cat!

Rough start.. Wonderful ending.

Now, just think, there are lots more of these sweet kitties still in the Cathouse. Wouldn’t you like to go to Chrystal’s blog, pick out one, and get your own cuddly buddy? (Winnie's Wish aka all the adoptable kitties)


Not Feral




Random Felines said...

That is a GREAT is sad to think of all the cats out there, but Leo is a great story about being saved!

Katnip Lounge said...

HURRAH for Leo! Chrystal is an angel. Mommy wishes she could have more kitties, but really, 13 is enough. For now. Leo, we think your story is so wonderful--you look so scared in the first pic but look at you now! Fabulous.

The Island Cats said...

We love a happy ending!

meowmeowmans said...

Yay for Leo! And hooray for a happily ever after. :)