Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chair Wars

So every since we decided to toss out one of the couches because we had no place to store it while we worked on the livingroom we've had a shortage of seating space for people around here. The Cot of Extreme Coolness (first seen here) has long since been folded up and stored as well. I think when the cement went down but I'm not sure...

We've had those folding chairs for a long time, but to be honest... they are not the most comfortable chairs on the planet. Only Leo seems to LOVE them. Star likes them, but only if her daddy just got out of it. She will sit anywhere he's just gotten up from.

I freakin' LOVE these chairs! They're awesome fun-ness!

So anyway, after all this time, we finally did something about the chair shortage!
First this one showed up, Niece 1 set it up I believe. Star immediately and totally took it over! Leo hasn't figured out how to get in it yet.. And frankly, it looks kinda uncomfortable to me too!
I claim this as the Purpley Pink Princess Perch! No barbarians may touch it!

When I needed to get to the oven to bake pies for Thanksgiving, this one moved into the livingroom and all I could think was, why didn't we bring this in ages ago????
Leo thought it was pretty awesome and laid his claim as soon as possible.
This one's mine ok? It can be my throne cause it looks like a throne and Princess Hissyface doesn't have a chair that looks like a throne! Bwahahah!

Star does not recognize Leo's claim..
ok, I could like this one too. Except.. *face-paw* it already smells like the barbarian.. Who lets him off the floor in the first place? Doesn't he know that most of the scratches on the legs are from me?

So now there are new seats, but apparently NOT for the humans...


Random Felines said...

yep - all chairs must be claimed first by the cats. MOL oh, and mom agrees that the pink princess chair doesn't look too comfy (except to star)

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

I think that throne chair is pretty cool, but the big pink thing is scary. I think it might eat a kitty careless enough to burrow down in there.

But then my Human says I am a terrible coward, so whatever.

meowmeowmans said...

As long as the humans understand that those are YOUR chairs. :)