Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hey people! Leo here!

The horror! Oh my goodness you won’t believe what’s going on around here! And it’s continuing even at this very moment!

I am talking to you from UNDER the big comfy bed in the hopes that someone will come to my rescue! You see, I’m trapped in here! The door is shut tight and they won’t let me leave!

Oh but that is not the worst part.. No, not even close to the worst! You see, I am NOT alone! Oh the abject horror... Loud and grumbly Princess Hissyface is locked in here with me!

It all started sometime this afternoon. I was flipping out.. um, I mean I was just taking it all in as what little was left in the living room kept disappearing. Even the couch that I like to sleep on the back of!

I mean, sure, it showed up in the dining room, but I wasn’t about to trust it! It moved all over the livingroom and I was cool about it, but this was beyond the pale! How was I to know if I sat on it if it wouldn’t disappear again?! No thank you please. I hid under mommy’s computer chair. Even Princess Hissyface didn’t trust the couch, she just kept creeping around the house.

There was all kinds of loud scary sounds coming from the living room and one time I sat on a box and poked my head out. That was my big mistake! Mommy saw me and shouted something about forgetting to put the cats away. Put the cats away?!?!?! What in the world does that mean?? Put us away like groceries? Like kitty treats hid away in the treat box? I am not an animal to be locked up! Oh wait.. heh... well, not to be locked up anyway!!

Everything stopped and suddenly one of those look alike girls, (the one that doesn’t live here, but who brought the Cot of Awesomeness), crawled through and grabbed me! I put up a mighty struggle let me tell you! Usually all I have to do is wiggle and she puts me down, almost like she’s afraid of me or something. But this time, nothing!

She headed for the stairs with me! The great grumbly one must have suspected something was going on because she started running up the stairs in front of us. She always hides upstairs when things are happening. But we dogged her every step all the way up and even into the Land of the Comfy Bed! She put me down, finally, but before I could escape, she shut the door right in my face! What!? She can’t do that!

Oh the relief, she opened it again in a few minutes, but before I could get out, she dragged in a litter box! Why would we need that in here? And what was that about not wanting paw prints in the new cement floor? I didn’t know and I didn’t care, I just wanted out!

When I couldn’t get out with look alike girl again, I took up residence under the bed and that was that. I didn’t even care that under the bed is where hissyface likes to sleep during the day! If she wanted under there, she was gonna have to share!

I bet you think that’s the worst thing, don’t you? HA!

A couple hours later mommy came in. I refused to come out for her though because I heard that door shut behind her. Then the other look alike girl, the one with the interesting room at the other end of the hall, came in. She’s loud and moves around a lot like she’s got ants in her pants. So no way was I coming out for her either.

And then, can you believe it, daddy came in too! All five of us in this one room?? Are they crazy! I tucked myself so far under that bed that they wouldn’t be able to get me outta there without dynamite!

Then all the scents started. Were they seriously eating dinner in here? Star, the wack-a-doo, jumped up on the bed with all of them. From the complaints I heard she must have thought someone had chicken, she flips out for chicken. I have no idea why, don’t ask me. But anyway, I’m sure she was mistaken because I heard them say something about eating TV’s for dinner, how weird is that?

Not long after that, I smelled something else... Something I did like. I smelled.. Stinky goodness! Up here? In the Land of the Comfy Bed? I mean.. In the hideous prison? I want you to know that I resisted as long as I could, just as any hostage or prisoner of war should. But five minutes was all I could stand! I crept out in stealth mode and went face first in the bowl!

After I scarfed it all up, I decided to try to trust these weird people who seem to be taking ‘togetherness’ way too far. I jumped up on the big comfy bed, but wow! They were all three there! I ducked and weaved, running between them, stole a drink from mommy’s glass of water then decided to try my luck under the bed again.

If only Hissyface hadn’t decided that’s where she wanted to be.. I’m glad to say that I won, she left in her usual loud fashion. Mommy convinced her to get on the big comfy bed. Too crowded for me, she can have it!

Eventually the girl left and daddy put on his Darth Vadar mask and went to sleep. Mommy alone was awake, so I came out again. I didn’t feel like trying the bed, but I got some more to eat and settled down under the folding chair that mommy says is there to help us get on the jewelry chest without scratching it. (I say if you don’t want it scratched, don’t put it under the window!)

I don’t know how long our sentence is, how long we’ll be prisoners.. but we’ll prevail! We will get out eventually! I’m not even listening to the talk of running out of cement and having to finish tomorrow.. No, I’m just going to sit here and plot and plan how to get out.. If I start chewing on the door, how long do you think it will take to get through?


Star escaped! Mommy left for a few minutes and when she came back good ol’ Princess Hissyface snuck out! Right between her feet, bwahaha! What a hero!

Mommy sighed and said it’s only been five and a half of the six hours it takes for their precious cement to cure.. (I didn’t even know it was sick!) But she didn’t go chasing after the grumble butt! In fact, she left the door open for me too! I told you I’d figure out how to get out of here!!

Ya know what.. I know there’s two litter boxes downstairs, but I think I need to use this one.. Five minutes of freedom is all I needed to decide that. When daddy gets up, maybe he’ll forget the box is there, swing his legs out and think he’s planted his feet on a sandy beach.. complete with tootsie rolls! Bwhahaha! Revenge is sweet!

(No pictures because mommy’s not sure where the camera is and is whining that she’s too tired anyway... sheesh, what a rip off)


JC said...

That's terrible. Did they at least have the nature channel on tv for you ?

Random Felines said...

geez....that sounds like a terrible adventure....we hope your freedom is permanent!!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Don't you just hate it when they lock you up in a room away from all the happenings?


meowmeowmans said...

Yikes, that sounds horrible! We sure are glad they let you back out!