Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Incarceration: Day 2!

Star here today.

Today was just as bad as yesterday. No, worse..

I know that bozo told you yesterday all about our being locked up most of the night. Until I made my daring escape that is. I knew if I kept watching, I’d find a way. I’m smarter than mommy, and tons smarter than the infidel. The infidel who stole my sleeping spot! How dare he!

Today, during the day, we were free. But for some reason mommy stayed upstairs all day. Something about being claustrophobic, whatever that is, in the kitchen/dining room and the living room being bare.

That giant goober Leo and I explored down there a little, but mostly we spent the day upstairs with mommy, keeping her company and trying to figure out what the heck her problem was. Besides, I think that new floor smells..

Speaking of smells.. the Mad Bouncer kept laying on the big comfy bed AT THE SAME TIME AS ME! Is he crazy? When I am on it, it is MINE and MINE alone! And I let him know about it too. Don’t let mommy tell you that I was a good girl about it. I was protesting, yes I was. It’s just that once he settled down, laid down, and quit annoying me, I decided to suffer in silence. I was not snoring while he was on the bed with me! That is a bold face lie she’s trying to spread!

I knew I should have made a run for it when that twin girl came home, and most certainly should have run when daddy got home. Well, I did, for a few minutes, but I wanted daddy’s attention, to tell him about my horrible day. And do you know what he did??

Oh it was a terrible betrayal.. I mean, I own him, he does what I want when I want. I have him completely wrapped around my little paw. But once I came back into the bedroom, HE SHUT THE DOOR! He locked me in with that loon Leo again!

Can you believe it? These people are in for trouble once I get loose in the house again.. I will shred whatever I can shred, I will bite, I will scratch.. Wait a minute.. what’s that noise? Ah, they’re making that mess with what they called sea-meant again. More of that junk? Sheesh, why do they want to play in that?

Ok, yeah, we got snacks, and I got my favorite, fresh hot chicken, but that does not begin to make up for the humiliation and degradation of this situation!

Everyone crawled into the big soft bed again! Daddy snored in his stop-snoring mask, mom and the twin-key settled in watching TV and there was no room for me! I showed them though, I squeezed my way in and sat on mommy’s laptop, so ha!

Everything was quiet, (except for the TV) for a long time and then that goofy girl rolled outta the bed. She lays across the foot, so it was easy for her to do, but still, she raised such a ruckus!

So big deal, she had a wet butt, I remember when she was little having a wet butt in bed all the time, who cares? But then mommy started freaking out too and woke up daddy. With everyone standing around staring at the bed there was little place for me and Leo, so we were chasing each other around them and under the bed and in the closet.

All I know is they said one of the bed’s tubes sprung a leak, a likely story.. And that commenced another hour or so of them running in and out of the room and just carrying on like gibbering idiots. Honestly, they were worse than Leo...

During all this running around, I escaped! But they had the stairs blocked so I didn’t get very far. They stink, they really do. Can someone send a rescue party please?

A rare sight late at night. Rare anytime... but this was late at night just before the bed leak issue.

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Moose's mommy said...

These stories were good ones, Anniepoo. Ijust kno you will be so glad to be done w/ this project`!!!!