Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Furnace First?

Boy has the temperature dropped around here. So much so that we had to hook the thermostat back up. It’s been hanging in a plastic bag for the painting. It wasn’t an issue when the work started.... But it’s carrying on sooooo long!

Anyway, it got chilly enough that we hooked it up and fired it up. The reaction to this momentous event was completely unexpected.

I forget that Leo’s only been here since April. It was warm in April. Warm enough, anyway, that we were just using snuggies and blankets to keep warm and not the furnace. So there was another, unexpected, ‘first’ for my sweet baby Leo.

Not a good first, apparently.

The furnace kicked on, not terribly loud, though the door from in front of it is not on, again, for the painting and stuff. Leo, poor baby, crouched down and slunk upstairs where I was. Greg followed him and when Leo stopped dead at the top of the stairs he picked him up.

Leo did not struggle at all. And it was Greg, not me, holding him! He carried him into the bedroom and you could see how scared he was. Greg handed Leo to me and he let me hold him for all of three seconds before he squirmed away.

There was only one place he wanted to be, and thank goodness Star wasn’t there already or I don’t know what would have happened! Leo crawled under the bed and that was that. He stayed there for about five hours!

Until snack time. I guess a can of stinky goodness can overcome paralyzing fear like nothing else. I wonder if psychologists know about this?

I wasn't afraid, I was... inspecting under the bed, yeah, that's the ticket..


Random Felines said...

Hey Leo - those furnaces aren't so bad....when it gets cold, the warms come up from the vents and if you sleep on them, you get all toasty!!! It is our favorite winter actitivy!

~*Connie*~ said...

aww.. Poor Leo. But you are right.. Stinky Goodness can overcome a LOT..

The Lee County Clowder said...

What Random Felines said. Leo, if you haven't found out where the vents are, start looking. Your toes and tummy will thank you in a couple months.