Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disrupting Kitties Routine

We finally got a lot of work done on the floor this weekend! The last of the carpet is up (saved a hunk to keep tootsies warm until the new carpet comes in), the tile by the door was chiseled up, the cracks were cleaned out and filled, and two trouble spots were started to be dealt with.

Wow, all that work is noisy, glad they taking a break..

One spot was apparently a post hole (rumor has it that the house was a barn in it’s beginnings) but the cement that had been used to fill it was all crumbly so it’s gone, and the other spot was the bad crack in front of the door. Chipping the high spot down ended with a cavern instead of a crack. Both of those spots will be re-cemented this week!

Of course all this work disrupted the kitty routine around here. And silly Star actually sat down on the crack filler before it was dry which resulted in a chase situation to get it off her before she licked at it. Of the whole, open empty floor, why did she have to sit in that exact one spot?? I’ll tell you why... because she’s a cat. And that’s that.

Furniture got moved again and shoved into a corner. Star sitting on the back of the chair and Leo sitting on the back of the couch may seem like enough of a buffer, but they were so close I was surprised there wasn’t growling.

I know he's looking at me.. Aren't you tired of him yet? Can't we sweep him out with the rest of the trash?

Not lookin' at you, ol' Grumblepuss... If anyone goes with the trash it should be you cause you don't know better than ta sit in it..

Leo: Hey! She moved over onto my couch!
Star: You don't have a couch. I have a couch. I have a chair. All furniture is my furniture!

The non-growling is slightly different from what I heard happened this morning. Greg said that when he woke up and moved, someone jumped off the bed from by his feet. It had to have been Leo because when he looked, Star was sleeping between my feet. Greg called Leo back onto the bed, and he came, but Star was all grumbley about it. She didn’t leave though, so perhaps she was just making sure no one thought she was softening.

After all, there hadn’t been any growling before Greg moved..

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The Lee County Clowder said...

Star just wanted to make sure every one knew this floor is still her floor. At least she didn't decide to pee on it.