Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I did it to myself. I know it’s all my fault, but it’s still frustrating!

During those two days the kitties were locked in the bedroom, there weren’t many toys for them to play with and I felt bad. Especially for Leo who loves to play! So I teased him with my camera strap and let him play with it.

Now, every time he’s doing something adorable and I get the camera out to get the shot... he stops doing whatever he’s doing and runs over to play with the strap! Argh! Do you know how many goofy, sweet, funny and utterly adorable shots I’ve missed?? It’s driving me crazy!

I haven’t let him play with it since those locked up days, but still, he rushes toward that camera.. Tonight he was doing that pert, sitting up very straight pose and for a change, he had his tail wrapped around himself. I know, lots of cats do that, Star always does. but Leo NEVER sits that way, his tail is always out behind him or flipped to one side.

I snuck the camera to Greg and told him to hide the strap in his hand hoping he could get the shot. But the second he raised the camera Leo ran for HIM!

I have gotten out all the teaser toys and several other things like mousies and feather toys, hoping he loses interest in the silly little strap. Hopefully I’ll be getting some of those adorable pictures of him again soon.

I did manage to get the following set, but only because he was busy, lazily, playing with what’s left of Da Bird with niece 1.

Gotcha fedder!

Gotcha stringy?

Aw come'on... bring is closer..

I's waitin'....

Nope, still too far away..

Don't make me tell on you.. Bring me back my fedder... MOMMM! She be's mean!

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meowmeowmans said...

Yes, they always seem to want to play with the camera strap, don't they?