Friday, September 9, 2011

Mo Cats Day 2!

I already posted pictures of Star and Leo in the previous post, so don't forget to scroll down!
I wanted to post pictures of my own previous kitties, but I realized that there are none on digital or scanned into my computer and with everything torn up around here, I can't get to my albums to scan anything. So I'm going to show what I already had on the computer.
I'm breaking my own rules today for the sake of Mo Cats! The first rule I'm breaking is no posting more than once a day. I wanted to get these in while it was still Mo Cats Day.

Mo Cats!

This is my mother's cat, Dopey, from when she was a pre-teen or teenager. She could dress him up, put him in baby buggies and he just didn't care.

Here I go breaking my second, and probably my most adament, paranoid, hard and fast rule.. never, ever post a picture of myself! Ever!
But, in my defense.. it IS Mo Cats day and the pictuers I'm putting up are old old old.

This is me probably 7 years or so with the a kitty I'd given to my Gramma when he was a baby. His name was Charlie and he was a great cuddler.

Charlie was indoor and outdoor and before she'd had him even a year, he'd run away. I swear I saw him near our house months later. Could he have come back 'home'? We had a new dog then, and whoever that kitty was, he didn't stay.

A year or two later, I gave my gramma another kitty. A grey kitty that I'd wanted so so much, but realized that it would be better off with her. We were feeding the kitties puppy chow at that time and her small mouth had trouble with it unlike her siblings. The puppy chow kept getting caught between her upper teeth and she would flip out trying to get it out. Poor little thing. I gave gramma a choice, but really really went on and on about Foggy's good qualities. She chose her, thankfully, and gave her a new, better name. Misty. Miss Misty Fog.

Just look at that tummy! And the brat never let me rub my face in it!

It's hard to tell from these pictures of her as a kitten, but when she grew up, she hated everyone except my gramma. She occasionally looked to my grampa for a pet or two, but she was gramma's cat and no doubt about it. Misty, by the way, was an indoor only kitty, except for the few times my grampa would take her out and sit with her on the porch swing. She never left the porch.
Another picture of me with Misty, Oh I'm just killing my rules.. I'm thinking I might have been 10 here.

Oh terrible.. another of me. This time as a teen with Bumper. He was a friend of my grandparents' cat but they couldn't keep him any more. They called him Bumper because he bumped his head into anything and everything when he wanted pets. Buddy bumps we call them now. We had him for years and he was a very cuddly kitty. I loved laying sideways in that overwide chair.. So did bumper.

This is Niece 1's cat, Gandolf. He was a sweetie. But as an indoor/outdoor cat, he had an unfortunate run in with a car and had to be put to sleep.

My very dear friends cat, Bubba. He's absolutly gorgeous! And another sweetie pie!

Another rule broken, showing anyone elses face. Well, I guess I broke that at the top when I showed my mom with Dopey..
This is my gramma, the most special, wonderful, loving woman in the world, now in heaven hopefully with a lap full of kitties. She's holding my mom's cat Zippy as a kitten.

What a sweet face!

More Zippy as he grew up.
Can you find the kitty?

Zippy with Beauty the black lab

Another of my parents kitties being held by my gramma. She just loved loved loved kitties! I don't remember this kitten's name.. They had several kitties before they realized that the coyotes were too active at night in their area. Moose is not allowed out after dark and that has protected him.

 I made this as a wallpaper for my mother's computer when she had this kitty. Click the picture to see it full size. Beauty and that kitty played together a lot. Beauty was a very good girl and never hurt the kitties. The kitties were not always so kind in return.. But they loved to play with her! You can see by her grey muzzle that Beauty was getting up there in age.

This was my great gramma's cat, Middy, short for Midnight for her black black spots. She was a nice warm lap cat.
My great gramma got her as an adult because her previous owners decided she didn't go with their new, million dollar, black and white house make over. They kept the black and white spaniel.. Some people have no taste..
And that's all I'm going to say about that.
Just look at the beautiful kitty!

Well, there's my Mo Cats! I hope that contributed to the stash of kitties on the internet and that whoever decided they wanted a no cats day realizes by now that cats will never go away, they own the internets! Cats Rule!
Don't forget to look at the previous post for my first Mo Cats Day post!


Karli Sasscer said...

Bubba said he loves you :)

meowmeowmans said...

We love that your family loves cats so much. The pictures of your gramma holding the kittehs are wonderful. Happy Mo Cats Day. :)


Cool pics!

Happy Mo Cats Day!!

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