Friday, September 30, 2011

Counting Coup

You know what counting coup is? It’s a Native American thing where, in the midst of battle, a warrior would touch an enemy warrior and escape unscathed. Seems like kind of a "ha, see, I could have hurt or killed you so I’m the bravest, toughest of all!" thing.
Leo has been counting coup today.. I’m pretty sure he’s up to at least 4. He sneaks around after Star and when she’s least expecting it, he rushes out, give her a bap and runs off before she knows what happened!

And he HAS to be good at it because that girl is always scanning the area for him before going where she wants to go. And he’s so quick she isn’t really getting any hissing in before he’s gone.

I watched him earlier, skulking around the edges of the room. Not a lot of hiding while most of the furniture is out of there. Star was sitting by the couch, staring at the treat box trying to decide if it was time to start bugging for something. Leo was careful to stay behind her, out of her line of sight. When he got close enough, he rushed up, patted her on the butt and ran like crazy! Star spun around, but there was no one there. She crouched and peered around the room. When she realized there was no one there, she went back to looking at the treat box. Albeit, while keeping an eye out for whatever has been poking her all day.

What’s really funny is that he does this on silent paws. You all know about his wonky claw and the one on the other foot that folds over on his main paw pad and clicks when he walks? Sneaking up on Star on carpet, I can see. But at the moment, all that’s left of carpet downstairs is a square-ish patch in the middle to keep our tootsies warm on the cement floor. That means he’s aware of the clicking of that spare claw and he’s taking pains to not let it make noise! I think he might have some warrior in his blood..

What was that? Did you hear something? I swear I felt something..

heh heh heh.. I'm the sneakiest warrior ever!

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Random Felines said...

very sneaky.....we love that Leo has mastered this game....we love watching the foster try it out