Thursday, September 1, 2011

Catching Up

Yesterday I was telling about Leo and the mirror. I cannot believe I forgot to tell how that all ended! After he had a fit seeing that strange cat in the mirror I put it away and after a moment or two, he calmed down and curled up at the end of the bed. As I did up my hair without the aid of a mirror, Star came out of the closet.

She must have been way back in there because I knew she wasn’t on her box or bean bag. As she was coming out, she noticed Leo on the bed and started hissing at him. And he, as usual, just looked at her. I don’t know why he hissed at the mirror kitty, who was not being aggressive until he was, but passively just looked at the real kitty who was being aggressive!

I don’t get it. I don’t understand him. But I love my snuggle bug.

Since his birthday was just a few days ago, niece 2 decided to get him a birthday gift. She got him a kitty teaser toy with two fur mice on the end. Big fluffy colorful mice! He saw that and just went nuts! He was too fast for me to get many good pictures, but I got one anyway.


Huggy micies, I will nom you! As soon as I get my paws on you!

I can hardly believe he’s a year old now. But my boy is growing up. He’s growing bigger than his favorite places. He hardly fits on the folding chairs when he lays on them.

He’s always hung off the end of the Royal footstool, but now he’s more on it, and still hanging over the end.

He hangs over everything now days..

He’s just a big ol’ sweetie. I can’t believe how happy he’s made me in the short time I’ve had him. He’s my buddy, my companion when no one else is around, my snuggler, and someone who’s always happy to see me.

I have to say it. You can have this kind of fuzzy love too. Leo’s sisters are still looking for a home. As are other kitties in the cat house where he came from. They are over crowded. You would be doing a great service to Chrystal and other kitties who will need space in that cat house if you would just look over the list of kitties and adopt one or two of them. Please, consider this, don’t just read the words, seriously consider, and then contact Chrystal at Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with your Coffee) and help this amazing rescuer. You will never regret it.


Random Felines said...

Ahhh - the mind of a cat - for us to know and you humans to wonder about. MOL

Leo is a very handsome mancat - that tail is pretty spectacular. We hope Chrystal gets some adoptions soon - we already told her we would help figure out transportation.

emilyrose2005 said...

We think Leo is a Handsome young ManCat, too!

And the thought he has siblings awaiting a furever home has QM dreaming of a nice big house, like where She grew up, so She could adopt, well, a few of the kittehs. Alas, the three of us share a 1 bedroom flat with QM, and it's a bit small at times, giving Our Royal Cattitudes!

Please enloy the long Official Last Summer Weekend. Sad in one respect, but Summer was hard on QM, so She is looking forward to fresh apples to male apple pie, apple dumplings, apple tarts, apple pissa (uh, yeah...) just fill the flat with apples, cinnannanimun!~spices!
have a lovely weekend!
Rose and the Royals