Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To nom or not to nom

Star: What is this? This is NOT chicken.. How dare you put this in my snack bowl. You have displeased the Queen. Be gone, I must bury this now.

Leo: I’ll eat it! I like it! What is it??

Star: It’s gross, but I’m not sharing. It’s mine to bury.

Leo: I’ll just wait... dum dee dee dum dee dee..

Star: What did you leave in your bowl.... it’s got to be better than this mess.

Leo: Yay! I get hers now! *nom nom nom*

Star: Well, it’s better than nothing, and if it deprives him of a snack, I’ll take it. *nom nom nom*

Mom: Psst... both bowls had the exact same snack in them..


The Meezers or Billy said...

yeah, but it's still DIFFERENT

Random Felines said...

maybe, but if it is a different location or bowl, it MUST taste better!!!