Saturday, August 20, 2011

Playin' Hard!

Before I get to the cute pictures and stuff, is anyone else having a problem with blogger not keeping the blog roll updated? Mine gives the title of previous day’s posts and says they were posted like 20 minutes or something odd ago but if I go to them anyway, there’s something new within hours.. If it’s just me, might be my computer, if not then must be blogger. Anyway.. just curious.

The other day, daddy played with Leo. And Leo wasn’t skiddish in the least! He’s really coming out of his shell. In fact, let me digress here... When Greg came home from work a few days ago, Leo ran TOWARDS the door. He sat about two feet from the door in an alert position and watched Greg get the mail. When Greg opened the door and came in Leo bounced away, not ran, but goofy boy bounce. He jumped on the Royal Footstool like he was waiting for some petting attention. At the last minute though, he jumped down and moved a few feet away, not ready for welcome home pets after all I guess. Still, it was progress!

So Greg had one of the toy wands and Leo leaped and bounced around like a mad kitty and played with Daddy!

Look at those wild eyes!
Got it! Bwahaha!

Gettin' ready.. gettin' ready.. aaaany second now..

Yeeha!!!! where'd it go?

That's better.. I'll lay here, you bring it to me. That'll work!

Aww, poor boy got alllll tuckered out from playing so hard. Him needs a nappy poo.

Do you think he's trying to tell me something by the way he's sleeping?
Shh already mom... tired boy sleepin' here..

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