Friday, August 12, 2011

Invasion part 2

Something woke me up this morning (ok, afternoon), I don’t know what it was, but I turned my head and, without my glasses, saw a gray body next to Greg’s pillow. Star doesn’t lay there, she’s a bottom of the bed baby. Last time I saw a gray furry body by that pillow it was Leo invading Star’s space (in the Invasion story) so I looked down to the bottom of the bed where Star prefers to lay. And yup, there she was.

If it was a growl or hiss that woke me, it was not in evidence now. That is, until she noticed that I was looking at her.. Then, and only then, did she grumble to let me know that the barbarian had invaded her space again.

I didn’t know what, if anything, I should do. Should I pet Leo, who’s within reach? Or would that tick off Star? Should I talk to her, who is out of reach? Or would that make Leo feel slighted? Finally I decided to do nothing, except close my eyes and see if they’ll believe I’m asleep again and just keep tolerating each other.

After a little while I heard a little thump-bump and peeked again to see that Leo had left. Star hadn’t said anything to him, so whew, everything worked out! I celebrated by going back to sleep for a little bit.

When I got up a little later, Leo came out from under the bed. I called him a silly boy and asked how long he’d been under there. He just bounced around like the little goof ball he is. He was all over the room, checking out the closet and the open window and everywhere in between.

He got back on the bed and tried to lounge. Star had left by then, so he had it all to himself. He did kind of look around as if he was trying to see if she was coming back.

Is she coming? I thought I heard something..

It's ok, I can relax, don't I seem relaxed?

Is she coming from that way??

To heck with it, I'm relxing.. See, I'm all relaxed. I'm chillin'.
Any more chillin' and I'd be frosty!

Since the other day when he explored the bathroom, he has been coming up most days when I’m in there just for pets and to play, so he followed me that way again this morning. He was a little wild, probably because of the triumph of being on the big soft bed with Star. I feared for my shower curtain let me tell you!

It wasn’t the shower curtain that was in trouble though... Leo dragged out a towel for a fist fight! You’ve seen those ‘fists’, it was NOT a fair fight! He finally left the field, leaving his foe vanquished, a limp defeated pile on the floor.

When I headed back to the bedroom, Leo was in there again. On the floor this time, next to the bed. Star was coming up the Stairs at the same time, and she rushed ahead of me into the room. Her Highness must be first, always! She, of course, spotted Leo. There was no more tolerance left in her, she went on the attack. He had no where to run; you can’t get under the bed from Greg’s side. So he crouched there and took her bad mood without a peep.

I hollered and she took off, running toward her closet to claim her closet box where she continued to grumble. Leo stayed where he was for a bit, then quietly left the room. Not in a rush, not cowed, just, finished with being there. His day started out pretty exciting, so he spent most of the rest of the day in his new favorite spot, behind the cabinet that’s been moved for access to the wall. There, and in the opened windows because it’s been a lot cooler here lately!

Oh, I have to tell you the other funny thing that happened! I told you how when Leo was in the bathroom the other day that I closed the door in Star’s face. Tonight I was getting ready for bed and Star came into the bathroom for her drink of fresh water on the counter. (She makes me refill it if I don’t fill it in her presence or if it’s just not acceptable for some reason known only to her highness..)

She was in the room no more than 20 seconds, hadn’t even started her preparation to jumping onto the counter, when Leo came bounding in. Guess he thought he might get some attention, but he didn’t figure on being beat into the room. Star took instant umbrage to this invasion and spun to give him the hissing of a life time.

There was only one thing to do. I shut the door in HIS face this time.

Star is not like Leo. When I shut the door for him, he went happily about his business exploring the room. When I shut the door for her, she almost immediately started trying to open it. I figured he probably took off downstairs once I shut the door, so I opened it for her after a bit. Wrong. He was still sitting there! Is he crazy? It only took another hissing from her to convince him that he’d be better off downstairs. Sheesh, what a day of interacting!


Random Felines said...

Makes you wonder if Leo is in love, stubborn or just doesn't get it. Oh well....he sounds like a very happy boy - even if Star doesn't like him.

Anonymous said...

Leo is such a goof lol


Sweet Purrfections and Angel Praline said...

Sounds like Leo is just a good natured little boy.

Mom Paula