Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feathers and Sunbeams

Saturday is going to be a special day around here. My sweet baby Leo the Chinese Lion turns one year old! It’s so hard to believe because in some ways it seems like we just got him. He was nine months old when we got him, but I still thought of him as a kitten. So three months later, I’m still thinking kitten, even though he’s HUGE. He’s just a really really big kitten!

Case in point; he plays so hard! Toys are not safe around him! He’s destroyed several of the attachments to his newest wand toy. I don’t think that was as well made as it could have been, but still, he’s rough. Then there’s today.. His maroon feather toy is really well built and tough. Yeah, it’s not on a string, but that’s probably why it holds up so well.

My fedder! I’ma getchu, fedder!

Until now.

He was going banana’s, attacking it, chewing feathers when he got hold of it, batting at it. Generally being a big playful goofball. He got a good grip, and whoopsie! He pulled a feather out of it! What a little brat! But I guess as long as he’s having fun... The silly bug.

Poor sad fedder...

Of course, that just gave him another toy to play with.
As soon as I has you dragged under the Royal Footstool, yer gonna get the bittin’ of a lifetime, fedder! Bwahaha!

Star had a pretty good day. She found a spot in the sun to lay in. Nothing is better than sun pools. Kitties are solar powered, you know, their tummies are solar panels! There was a chair in this particular sun pool, but she didn’t want the chair. Most of the sun pool was on the bare cement, but she didn’t want the cement either. She laid on the tiny little swatch of sun that was on the edge of the carpet. She was quite content with it.

Yes, this is exactly the right spot.

Of course I’m aware that it’s only covering about a quarter of me. My lasers are only down about a quarter of a charge.

You may go about your business now. I have some warm sun grooming to perform.

While I have your attention. Can I direct you to Chrystal's blog? She has a full cathouse and needs to get some of them into new forever homes. Three months ago I answered the call to adopt a Winnie's Wish kitty and I couldn't be happier! Neither, if I can speak for him, could Leo. It's so important for these kitties to have good, permanent, homes. Yes, they are taken care of and loved in the cat house, but nothing can substitute for a home of your own.
If you have ever thought about adding a kitty to your home. Or if you think you have enough kitties, but one of them touches your heart. Or if you know someone who needs the love and companionship of a sweet kitty. Then please, please, go to her blog, look over the kitties, and bring one into your home. Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with your Coffee) has some great kitties, and a few doggies, that need you. Please consider adoption. (And send over people you know who can adopt too!)
Remember, distance is no object, the cat blogosphere will work hard to make sure any kitty gets into it's new home, no matter how far!

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Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Leo and Star! We have missed you - we are so frustrated about blogging and visiting at the moment. We can't believe how behind we are! And boy we are super excited about Leo's birthday because of course that is Trixie's birthday too! We know that it is going to be a fun day! And oh we cannot agree more about adopting one of Chrystal's babies - the ones we have met have all been super sweet!

And Leo, you are so much like Trixie -she loves to chew on feathers and pull them out too!