Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Degu Visit

Niece 2 brought over her new babies. Two motherless Degus. Their mother died and left seven babies, these are the only survivors. She's done her homework to figure out how to take care of them. There is no real orphan degu websites out there. Her boss said to just let them die saying "it's the circle of life" but niece has worked her butt off trying to save them.

We talked to an exotic pet vet today and they seemed to think the babies didn't have a chance because they were only a week old when their mom died. They said that they will seem to be doing well and then just go because of failure to thrive syndrome or something like that. However, the fact that these ones are three weeks old now means that they might actually make it. If they make it to 6 weeks, they want to see them. Expensive visit, but if they make it, it will be worth it.

Leo could not stop looking at them! Star took a quick look and ran..

This is Habanero, his sister is Wasabi. I thought that if she was going to bring them here, they should be named Lunch and Dinner. Niece did not think that was funny... They are native to Chile and Habanero's are South American peppers, so it's fitting. Wasabi is hot also, goes with Habanero's and is really fun to say.
I'm not really a rat, I'm just distantly related.. Closer to Chinchillas, that makes me cuter!


dinner? snack?

How do I get this lid off...

No Leo, they're pets. Like you.

Ok.. can I just watch them then?

Yes, you can watch Degu TV.

Star checks them out
Just exactly WHAT are you bringing into my house now?

Don't worry, Star, they're not staying.

They better not.. I'm going to go sulk now.


Daisy said...

Cool! Degus are related to Mongolian gerbils. When we first got our gerbils Bert & Ernie, my Mommeh learned a lot about them on this gerbil forum: gerbilforum.proboards.com/

Anonymous said...

there so cute and small i thought our cat was going to flip out when she brought them in to the house but our cat acted like he wanted nothing to do with them like they were a waste of his space lol but this is cute.